Panasonic EVA-1 with Production Firmware

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On the day that Panasonic announce that final shipping has begun we take a look at some footage produced by Noel Evans.

This review is meant for the users. It shows B roll style shots typical of documentary / ENG etc shot on latest firmware as at October 9, 2017 and also two sequences that were shot on very early beta firmware (same as other pieces released).

The sequences are virtually identical, however the first is shot very uncontrolled with a basic two light set up. Something like a typical run and gun situation may be like and is what many users asked me for. The second is a full light lock version I’ve called – Light it baby. I have taken a little creative licence with this opting to add a very subtle flaring here and there to suit the mood.

All shots are graded with the standard Color board within FCPX, albeit 7-8 nodes per shot.

We were not provided any resources by Panasonic outside the camera itself and utilising gear provided by Lemac, John Barry Sales, Con Filippidis and myself, put this together very low budget style.

Please remember the sequence shots were very early firmware and where essentially my personal camera tests. Camera I used on firmware just prior to final version was much much better. Many improvements across the board. We also need to keep in mind that this footage is all 150mbps long gop. Yes, it’s 10bit, but it’s hardly the best codec this camera will have come updates early next year. With an all I codec, I wouldnt touch long gop with a 10 foot pole, however it’s good to know it works quite well.

Noel Evans talks about the Panasonic EVA1 from Noel Evans on Vimeo.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    Too much noise/grain for ISO 2500 and T2 aperture…?!

    HDW : Please remember the sequence shots were very early firmware.

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