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HD Warrior does not usually dip its toe into politics but the UK Referendum now only 3 days away is such an important issue for all of us I feel its time to address the main issues…this is done by Prof. Michael Dougan from Liverpool University who has studied the EU for the last 20 years and he makes no bones about his decision of staying with the UK. It only lasts 24m but will be the best 24m you will spend if you are undecided. PS. HD Warrior is for the IN campaign…the only issue I have with this video is its recorded interlaced video which looks terrible on the internet I wish producers would understand that 25i looks bad on the internet when 95% of UK professional camcorders can now record 25p.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

11 thoughts on “IN or OUT “Here is a video that makes a lot of sense for the undecided.”

  1. To be honest i think the EU referendum is brutal, unethical, childish behaviour that just goes to show how despicable and corrupt our politicians have become in current society. It seems the viler the behaviour from one side or the other, the better they think they get your message across!
    I started watching this video and the bitterness and absolute biased coming from this guy just put me off. I feel people can’t make a point without belittle others and personally Philip, I think you have lowered your standards significantly by getting involved in this blood bath of a debate. You should take this rubbish down and stay out of it, all you can do is make enemies by showing such one sided bias!

  2. In the interest of balance and fairness:

    I spend a great deal of time in Germany and the reporting here and also in the UK has become propaganda. As someone who has worked with the BBC and also independent sector, the mainstream media can no longer be trusted.

    I’m voting LEAVE because I believe in transparent, accountable democracy and for all its many faults and the abuse it has suffered from the hands of the party politicians, the UK’s parliamentary democracy can still be held to those standards. The EU is an opaque, corrupt, transnational bureau-tocracy that has already led to conflict (Ukraine).

  3. I cannot help but be amused at the argument put forward by Ripsnorter. As far as I can tell the UK has an unelected Head of State, an unelected Upper Chamber and a ‘First Past the Post’ system in the Lower Chamber which ensures a choice between two evils. And this he calls a parliamentary democracy? To make matters even worse, the Prime Minister has the power of the Royal Prerogative and so does not even need a vote to send us to war. Think Tony Blair! Finally, if you belong to a club but don’t like the rules… then move to change them rather that leave!

  4. Good on you Philip,

    Democracy is dependant on debate and that requires knowledge and listening to both sides of any issue. Leaving or staying in the EU is a huge decision and this debate has opened up a pretty lively discussion.

    But it has also allowed for some pretty unpleasant xenophobic, nationalistic, little islander opinions to rise to the surface. The leave campaign will possibly regret becoming so closely aligned with characters such as Nigel Farage who has really started to show his true colours.

    Like any marriage you have to constantly work at the relationship and having lost relatives in both of the European Wars in the last century and with 2 of my children living in Europe, one in Berlin and the other in SW France, like you, I’m voting to stay in and hope that this will be the result of the referendum.

    And if not I really hope we do not see a Brexit vote condoning racist narrow-minded opinions.

  5. Did you vote for Juncker or any of the other EU presidents, Mr Doré? Did you vote for any of the EU commissioners? Are you aware the EU’s parliament does not even have an oppositional role let alone an official opposition? That it cannot actually legislate, instead having to rubber stamp what comes down to it from that unelected Commission? For all the faults of the British Constitution, we get a chance every four or five years to kick the b’stards out of office.

    While you make a half-hearted ad hominem attack I note that you fail, like the vast majority of Remainders, to advance any kind of case as to why the UK should stay in the EU.

  6. I don’t mind what way people vote, but what I do mind is the noticeable bias against the Leave camp from the BBC and Sky. By hook or by crook the crafty dicks at the top are out to win at any cost.

  7. It seems that Ripsnorter, like most of his Vote Leave colleagues, is aggressively confrontational. I did not make an attack, half-hearted or otherwise, simply an observation. What I pointed out is the plain and simple truth. As for the charge that I failed to make a case for Remain… I did exactly that in my final sentence. Calm down Mr. Ripsnorter!!!

  8. If you believe the completely unelected, non-accountable EU system to be better than the UK’s parliamentary democracy (despite all its faults) then that is your choice. I notice that, again, you do not advance any facts or reasons as to why we should stay in the EU. Instead, you now widen your ad hominen to the millions who will vote for Brexit tomorrow.

    There is no aggression or confrontation (I do not think those words mean what you think they do) merely you, now that Project Fear has failed so manifestly, resorting to projections and aspersions.

    You keep dodging the actual issue; sovereignty and independence versus supranational, non-accountability. If Georg Soros, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are in favour of Remain, then that is surely reason enough not to be. Unless you yourself approve of global corporatism, of course.

    Your “final sentence” was not a case for Remain. You simply stated not liking the rules of the club (which have changed fundamentally from the trading zone we joined way back) is no reason to leave it.You argue that they should be changed from inside. In case you are not aware, and I suspect you are, the EU is introducing QMV, Qualified Majority Voting, and restructuring itself so change will be impossible unless through the imperial fiat of the Commission. Or should Merkel unilaterally rip up another treaty, as she did with the Dublin one.

    You do not say, you have not once said, why we should remain in this particular club. What are the positives about the EU and the UK remaining a member? The referendum is tomorrow so you still have time.

    HDW : Well beside all this bluster I am IN (REMAIN) and Project fear was played fine during the Scottish Referendum, England is only getting a taste of what Scotland had to endure. Lets hope all this nonsense dies down after the big vote on Thursday and sense prevails.

  9. I am afraid to say, HDW, that which ever side wins it will remain a very divisive issue and the wounds will take some time to heal. I fully agree with your comment regarding the Scottish referendum and fear for the future.

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