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18 to FS7

After updating this lens on my FS5 I tried the Sony 18-105mm f4 lens on my FS7 this morning and it works even better than before after the FW upgrade…But hot off the press is the dilemma for FS7 owners who own this lens…I find it astounding that Sony have left so many FS7 users with this lens with no answer.

I am reposting this because I do feel Sony have a duty to reply to this question.

I did put this question to Sony ICE expert Alister Chapman who told me “You would need to beg, borrow, scrounge a Sony E-Mount stills camera. Anything from an NEX3 to A7 would do.” So I assume the FW is not camera dependant in other words you can update the FW from the same camera time and time again.

Sony’s official site tells us “All E-mount with the exception of NEX-5, NEX-3, NEX-C3, NEX-VG10 and PXW-FS7″


If Sony could reply to this my readership would be truly grateful…Still no reply to this from Sony (Sat 30th April 2016)


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