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Sony’s newest addition to its PXW series of shoulder-mount camcorders – the PXW-X400 – delivers stronger network and wireless capabilities, improved weight balance, XAVC 50p recording*¹and pool feed functions to give ENG and field production professionals a versatile and high-performance tool.

“This new camcorder combines all the capabilities professional shooters need – enlarged connectivity for content faster to air, improved ergonomics for easier operation on the field, and high performance for efficient workflows – in a true news and broadcast production workhorse.” said Lucie Wendremaire, Product Marketing Manager, Sony Professional, Sony Europe.  “The various additions of features like XAVC 50p recording and pool feed make the PXW-X400 a perfect fit for today’s demanding field content creation requirements.”

The new camcorder’s Ethernet interface (RJ45 connector) enables direct connection to a network when wireless LAN is unstable or unavailable, for file transfer, live streaming and control from a web browser. A near-field communications (NFC) feature gives users a one-touch link between the camera and a mobile device. The Content Browser Mobile application enables users to preview or remotely control camcorder settings of various menu functions.

The pool feed function (HD/SD SDI) enables the recording of a 1.5G HD-SDI external signal on an SxS card, a useful function to record a distributed signal from another camera on-site without portable deck.

Redesigning the inner structure of camcorder body, Sony has drastically improved the weight balance and handling capabilities compared to predecessor models. The combination of the newly introduced manual lens and the well-balanced body resolve any front-heavy issues and dramatically reduce the load on the right-hand.

The camcorder’s “ONLINE button” lets users bypass a mobile device or the camera’s menu for direct on/off control over the following features: direct streaming transmission of AV signals from a PXW-X400 to assigned destinations; auto-uploading of proxy or high-resolution files to cloud services and FTP servers; and on/off control over Sony’s PWS-100RX1 network station enabling QoS live streaming while shooting.

The low-power (22W) camcorder PXW-X400 uses a 2/3” 3-chip CMOS image sensor and supports several HD and SD formats including XAVC. Lens options include a 20x Manual Focus Lens (PXW-X400KC model) and a 16x Auto Focus Lens*² (PXW-X400KF model). The PXW-X400 model is body-only with neither lens nor viewfinder. The new camcorder supports Sony’s new HDVF-series Full HD OLED Viewfinder (model HDVF-EL20/EL30) for a greater visual comfort, as well as the new URX-S03D, the first 2-channel portable slot-in receiver from the UWP-D Series, and a new bodypack transmitter, the UTX-B03HR, using a true diversity system and Sony Digital Audio Processing.

The PXW-X400 camcorder is planned to be available in February 2016.

*¹60p recording will be supported on only XAVC-Long format.

*²Auto Focus capability will be available in May 2016.


Sony is introducing a new 2-channel slot-in receiver, URX-S03D, and a new bodypack transmitter, UTX-B03HR as part of the UWP-D Series, designed for compatibility with Sony’s XDCAM & HDCAM camcorders. The URX-S03D is the first two-channel slot-in portable receiver in the UWP-D series for Sony camcorders providing a true diversity system with stable RF transmission and High-quality sound.

Since its launch in 2014, the Sony UWP-D series has been used for many applications such as documentary use, electronic newsgathering and field production and by broadcasters for news production, achieving stable wireless transmission based on Sony’s cutting edge digital audio processing technologies.


URX-S03D, 2-channel slot-in wireless receiver


Stable RF transmission and High-quality sound

The true diversity reception system achieves highly stable reception thanks to its two receiving antennas and separate RF circuits for each channel. RF signals from the two antennas are compared and the stronger signal is automatically selected for output, allowing the URX-S03D to reduce possible interruptions in reception to a minimum. Sony’s Digital Audio Processing, which uses DSP (digital signal processing) for digital companding, further contributes to high quality sound.

Compatibility with Sony XDCAM and HDCAM camcorders

The URX-S03D fits in the slot of Sony’s XDCAM camcorders with 2-channel digital audio connections directly from the DSP. It can also be matched with the slot of an HDCAM camcorder with single channel audio connection. It can also monitor the AF/RF status of the URX-S03D via the viewfinder of supported Sony camcorders.

User-friendly functions

  • Automatic channel setting: scans and determines available channels and sends information to the transmitter to complete the channel setting automatically.
  • Clear channel scan, active channel scan and IR sync provide fast, easy, and safe channel setup
  • Large display and simple menu for easy operation


UTX-B03HR bodyback transmitter

The new UTX-B03HR is equipped with a new 4-pin microphone connector designed to withstand the rigors of ENG shooting. A standard broadcast lavalier microphone (ECM-77BC) can be used with the new connector.

– Sony’s Digital Audio Processing

– Compatibility with all UWP Series / WL-800 Series

– Extremely compact, lightweight, and robust metal body

– USB for power supply or charging batteries

– Switchable MIC/LINE input level and adjustable

– Attenuator (0 dB to 21 dB, 3-dB steps)


“The new addition to our UWP-D series has been designed to provide the professional with another option for a 2 channel wireless audio slot-in, integrating seamless audio when using Sony XDCAM or HDCAM camcorders, and we’re really excited for our customers to get their hands on them in the field.” said James Leach, European Marketing Manager, Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

The URX-S03D and UTX-B03HR can both be used with the NEW PXW-X400 Camcorder and are planned to be available in Early 2016.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “Some new products from Sony

  1. Philip,
    Do you think you’ll be able to get the new Sony fs5 for a quick review?
    It’s not out here in the States until early Dec.
    I’d really like to hear what you have to say about it,especially since you use and are familiar with the FS7.

  2. the other good thing is that the PMW-400 comes now with a significant discount 🙂

  3. Glad to see a blog that still covers this breed of cameras. These shoulder-mount camcorders offer some features and benefits that you can’t find on a hand-held video camera or dslr/mirrorless camera. Too bad they are still expensive and carry the stigma of being “Only HD”.

  4. Mel Feliciano : LOL they are stratospherically (is that a word?) expensive motivated only by the marketing placement. But about the HD only comment I’d urge you to consider few things: First the definition of a PMW-400 (the older model of this X400) is way superior to any consumer with higher specs (on paper) the same for the low light performance (not even close). Then the vast majority of the work is done in SD over SDI for again a definition that’s on another planet. And that brings me back to the marketing placement and restrictions they use on all the consumer models to keep a distance. 4K is beautiful on your monitor and then what? 4K and 8K are the future for home productions (and that includes youtube) and high end mastodontic (again is that a word?) multi-millionaire TV productions (basically sport events -where the money is-). But in the meantime the stuff will be covered (and beautifully) on HD and SD over SDI for many many years to come. I like to play with 4K too, on GH4 but the real stuff? no way ! LOL

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