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We seriously needed a new look and here is our new 2015 corporate web site for Small Video Productions

After some debate I decided to design the web site myself, after all if I want to change a graphic or add a new page I don’t need to wait for someone else to change it for me.

HD Warrior was to be a window for our work but it became more of a news, views and review site, and a lot of our work can’t be shown to the public by the nature of its content.

I have been delighted to pick up a few jobs this year from followers looking for work filmed in Scotland. Have a wee look at our new web site and let me know what you think.

Yip there are always people who are more literate than yourself telling me where to add apostrophes etc. and thank you for pointing out various mistakes on my web site.

Tonight I have just made the site iPad friendly, added a blog and generally faffed about with some extra information. It helps that my broadband is now top notch 76Mb BT Infinity, no more buffering and uploading HD videos is a dream.

Post v2


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “New web site for Small Video Productions

  1. well done Philip , best of luck and success!

    the slogan is off center (… setting the standard…) , the pics are a bit big (also considering cell phone viewers)
    it’s solid but in my opinion the overall message (it’s a marketing site I guess?) should be maybe more substantial (we sell this and that, with location, numbers and contacts more visible)

    HDW : Thanks Mark its still early days and I am still tweeking. What size of screen are you viewing it on as it should grow and reduce as per screen size. There is a mobile viewer which I will be using to tweek the content in the morning. PS. The slogan “Setting the standards” is deliberatly off centre but I will re assess it tomorrow.

  2. So, Philip, do you think you’ll get the opportunity to review the baby FS7, the FS5 before it hits the market full bore?
    I see various reviews, and some pro video sponsored by Sony, but no information about how much color grading and image manipulation was done in post–and no one has commented on image quality and low light performance.

    HDW : I don’t know yet, a production model would be preferable. The low light should be the same as the FS7 as they both share the same sensor. Remember Full HD at 50p is 10bit 422.

  3. Phil, Edradour was filmed with the FS7, not as written with the PXW-X70 – hard to get the Canon lenses on there ;-)!
    BTW: What about your X70???

    HDW : Thanks Roland its sorted, I have sold my NX70.

  4. 1920×1080 Philip. Maybe you can consider putting the message in the pics? Just an idea…
    I definitely agree with FS7 as the co-star of the site. That camera is surprisingly (and rapidly) becoming the standard in video production, even broadcast (at least here in NYC) despite the limited range of the zoom and the classic low light performance for the segment. But the camera screams professionalism at first sight. No questions.

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