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FS70 v2

This is a teaser set by Sony for the up and coming IBC 2015 video show. As soon as I saw the outline of this camera I envisaged the X70 in a new form factor. The PXW-X70 has been a good seller for Sony so it makes sense to bring out a more professional version. Remember the X70 was a bastardised AX100 from the domestic line.

Take away the XLR unit and the fold out LCD and add the following…

1. A new LCD higher up on the handle

2. Interchangeable lenses

3. Use the space from the LCD to add 2 XQD card slots and more manual switches plus sound controls.

4. Add XLRs to the body

5. Using the same codecs as the FS7 with I frame and L-GOP.

This is only an educated guess but I am betting its a cross between an X70 and some features from the FS7.


Either Alister is giving me a red herring or he is genuinely telling me I am off on the wrong foot…OK its a cut down FS7 !


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

6 thoughts on “A new camcorder from Sony…the PXW-FS70 at a guess

  1. Now that is very interesting. I’ve been reading your posts carefully re: DX200. I’m thinking that it is time to upgrade from my EX1R & NX5.Unfortunately an FS7 is out of the question. Thanking you your your well grounded and practical blogs.

  2. Ahhhhh!!! Very smart!! I, like many, had been imagining some kind of post FS100 but in the form of a revamped professional VG30/900ish like body. I hadn’t thought about an FS70.

    The X70 is certainly a popular camera, but perhaps not quite as popular as what it could be and as what SONY expected – maybe. So your educated guess would make a lot of sense if it were to transpire.

    Anyway – all will be revealed on the 11th, but the guessing game in the meantime is all good fun.

  3. I have the PXW-X70 and I like it. The things I’d like to see changed:
    1. Swiveling right hand grip.
    2. Brighter lens or bigger sensor
    3. Constant aperture f/2.8, or f/2 lens. If it’s interchangeable lens, then we need a new really good ENG style zoom.
    4. Lots more button controls
    5. Better mic holder
    6. Built-in wireless mic receiver would be cool (compatible with Sony’s UWP transmitters)

  4. If Sony want new popular affordable $5K camera, it must record on to fast SD Cards.
    It would be great to have Full Frame Sensor from A7S and its Codecs.
    Then Sony’s Full Frame Zoom Lens 28-135 would become good seller.

  5. I’m as in the dark as anyone, but as an FS100 (among others) owner and a follower of Sony’s recent developments i’m going to go in a different direction.

    I’m guessing it’s an FS200 type cam… 4K, 35mm sensor, internal 4:2:0 8bit 4K, 4:2:2 10bit 4K via HDMI… Sony-E lens mount. 2 x XLR input and a rear/mid mounted viewfinder. 180fps slow-mo in HD..possibly capturing to XQD media. (only 1 slot)

    So an FS7 ‘Light’ version really. Cut down viewfinder, cut down codec, no 3G-SDi, only HDMI.

    FS range is always aimed at cinematic users… there won’t be any fixed lenses… i hope.

    Let’s see….

  6. I wish for a nice big OLED viewfinder for those of us who still use viewfinders out in the bright daylight.

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