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Recently we were sent to Edinburgh to meet up with MP Norman Lamb as part of a live insert for Channel 4 news talking about the late Charles Kennedy.


Fortunately the Scottish weather was kind to us and a BNC SDI cable was fed out of Scottish Televisions truck to my Sony FS7.


The Sony FS7 does not have any facility to feed an SD signal direct… so I had to use my Datavideo down converter the DAC-70 powered by a 12v “V” lock power supply.


On the back of the FS7 I also used the new small HD 502 1920 x 1080 field monitor. I used the HDMI socket from the FS7 as I wanted to keep my second SDI socket free in case of any problems.


This is not only a cracking unit but acts as a studio monitor on the back of my Sony FS7.


As you can see the FS7 has its loupe down to check focus, whilst I can confidently monitor pictures from the small HD.


The satellite engineer from Scottish Television, Alex was a great help and between us Channel 4 News were not disappointed.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “Converting HD to SD via the Sony FS7 for a live link

  1. great stuff. congrats Philip!
    I can’t say the same about the datavideo stuff. the last time that I had to use a recorder for my FX1 via firewire (several years ago)and needed to know about the auto start feature that was a mystery from the documentation I had to slam against a wall of complete silence : no customer support, no answer to my emails, to my phone calls. Nothing. Support was MIA completely. Anyway the recorder was unreliable and unbelievably expensive and also useless because of the also unreliable firewire connection. On top of that there was nobody there to answer anything. Now with the internet and forums and blogs maybe they actually answer? or still pretend to don’t see anything?

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