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Sony’s 128G XQD cards are like gold dust and relatively expensive at £415 per card. No one has them in stock. Once again Sony have been overwhelmed by the uptake of the FS7 and although working 24/7 they can’t keep up with demand.


An alternative to the 128G XQD card is the 64G version which is just as hard to get so an alternative may be the Lexar 64G XQD card. Some users have identified a slight problem using the Lexar in the new Sony USB 3 “G” reader. Sony points out the “G” reader is for G cards only. Lexar sell a USB 3 or Thunderbolt hub that takes either XQD, Compact flash, SDHD/XC and CFast modules.


The good thing is its cheaper by £80 per card and more readily available but will it work with the FS7, one person who knows his technology is Alister Chapman. Price was obtained from CVP’s website.


Alister “Lexar have two classes of card a slower 1100x – 168MB/s card and a faster 1333x – 200MB/s card. For my tests I chose the faster 1333x card as this wasn’t much more expensive than the slower card and on paper at least matches or betters the Sony S series cards which can be used for all modes and frame rates. The 1100x card should also work just at least as well as an H series card, maybe N series, but I have not tested one and would recommend testing before use.

I tested the card across a large range of frame rates and resolutions going all the way up to UHD 60fps on the FS7 and SStP on the F5 as well as S&Q all the way to 180fps. I had no errors or other major problems. I did notice in the F5 that the it takes a little longer for the red light above the record slot to return to green at the end of a recording. While the slot light is red you cannot start a new recording so you do need to be aware that you may have a momentary delay before you can record the next clip.”

You can read Alister’s full article here :


Philip Bloom has 14 of the faster 1333x Lexar 64G cards used for a worldwide doc for CNN “The Wonder List” and reports 100% compatibility with the Sony FS7.


Could this be produced, an XQD to SDXC adapter that takes SDXC C10 U3 cards, that would save us a packet on XQD cards. The demonstration above is to size so as you can see there is certainly room for an SDXC card.

Some of you will have gone down the external recording route with an Odyssey 7Q or an Atomos Shogun, but the majority of us are XQD owners and feel happier with less electronics hanging off our FS7’s. Lets hope the lack of XQD cards is a temporary blib and maybe Sony can thank us with some price deals on cards.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Sony’s XQD dilema…FS7 only uses XQD yet still in short supply !

  1. Very timely post! I’m sitting here in Tokyo awaiting imminent delivery of my FS7K camera.

    I also read Alistair’s post and have ordered two Lexar 64GB cards as recommended. I have one 64GB card coming along with the camera as part of a free gift campaign by the retailer here in Japan.

    Even here in Japan, the 126GB Sony G card is difficult to come by and regular checks whilst considering the camera and in the past couple of months I have seen both the camera and the cards go in and out of stock like no one’s business.

    I wish Lexar would also create a 128GB version of their card as the Sony one is pricey. More companies also need to get onboard in producing these cards.

  2. Sadly, nothing has changed … way over-priced too!
    CF2 cards are in abundance, yet no one is making decent XQD cards to work with the Sony FS7.
    The Lexar is a fluke – it just happens to work, and was not designed with the FS7 in mind.

    I’m thinking Sony have made it this way … sell the FS7 at a bargain price, and make a decent profit from XQD’s … almost £500 for 128gb which you’ll need a good few of for 4k.
    By now there should be 250gb – even 500gb cards from the likes of Sandisk, Kingston etc that are designed to work with the FS7 … I think Sony are holding the reins here?

  3. Good news. Since the latest firmware update, Lexar’s 2933x cards will format beautifully. Also, B&H are shipping worldwide, Sony G series 128gb XQD’s for £169 – considerably cheaper than the typical £500 price you’d find here in the UK.

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