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Day one at BVE was exhausting, even with three of us 2 filming and 1 photographer, the FS7 and all the ancillary gear is a lot to humph round a show like BVE.


First port of call was Production Gear one of HD Warriors sponsors, Simon (above) was on hand to show me the latest copter the DJ Inspire with 4K and 1080 50p camera on board.


Next stop was Sony where Alister Chapman gave us an insight to the up and coming Sony FS7 firmware where we hope the majority of bugs will be tweaked out. Talking to Sony about the 28-135 servo zoom lens they are hoping to do something about the 4 second fast zoom speed in a further FW.


Next we interviewed the product manager for the Alexa mini camera, next to interview him was my good friend Dan Chung.

LS300-JVCJVC were showing off their new 4K camcorder the LS300, they also told me they would send me one up for review.


Octica had a very nifty GoPro stabiliser which works a treat and just in case you want one its £500 plus vat…fantastic.


My other site sponsor, Holdan, had some interesting show stoppers the best for me was the Alphatron camera light that claims to be almost indestructible.




Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “BVE 2015 Day ONE

  1. Philip said: “My camera of the show was the JVC GY-LS300”
    “JVC …they also told me they would send me one up for Review”

    Great news. As the LS300 will be my first camcorder (after stills 5DII and GH4) I’m looking forward to the LS300 review.
    Any indication when we might see the review?

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