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I saw this lying on the road yesterday and it kind of put the last few weeks in one picture”a choice of two futures”


You would have to have been at Mars if you were not aware of the Scottish Referendum, this is a typical Glasgow YES family overlooking a typical Glasgow view.


I love this on two accounts firstly asking her father if I could take the picture and the fact that todays vote will affect this wee girls future a lot more than myself.


As a big dog lover and collie owner I could not resist this picture.


Lastly I bumped into my good friend Tim who was filming with his new Sony RX10.



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

11 thoughts on “One of the most important days in Scottish History has arrived !

  1. Good luck tomorrow on the vote. I am a long way from Scotland (in L.A.) and am not sure which way I would vote. But the eyes of the world are on you all.

  2. I of course want the people of Scotland to choose according to their hearts, but as the son of a Scottish mother, I’m hoping for a “yes.” God Bless Scotland.

  3. “One of the most important days in Scottish History” That statistically happens approximately every twenty years.

  4. I also wish you the best of luck and my grandmother on my mother’s side was from Glasgow and my aunt still lives in Paisley! Like Gerald, I am hoping for a ‘YES’!!

  5. As an Englishman this is as much my Union as it is yours, yet I am denied a vote on its future.

  6. After all the coverage over the last few months, I wish I could have gone to Mars.

    At last the UK will finally learn what the people living in Scotland finally want.

  7. I agree with you absolutely. My worry is the people of Scotland might get what they wish for.

  8. Sorry, I have to totally disagree with your “I love this on two accounts..” photo.

    The referendum is, in essence, a political decision; the separation of an old union.

    To involve the young, children, who have no cognisance of this issue isn’t, in my mind, the correct thing to do.
    Whilst parent may want to, and perhaps should, in the path of teaching ‘right and wrong’ may want to also guide their political view (be it socialist or entrenched capitalism), to involve their offspring in such matters in which they are not yet able to form their own views and thoughts isn’t right.

    Childhood isn’t for getting involved with all the ‘nasty’ crap (like paying the mortgage, leccy bills, or even voting for something), it’s for ‘childish’ things – why get them involved!!?!

  9. Some people here might not believe, especially since I am English, but it’s because I love both Scotland and the Union I am glad the NO vote carried it.

  10. Absolutely JayBUK, childhood is for fun and games, or should be, not political indoctrination whichever way.

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