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I have now used the Panasonic PX270 in anger during a corporate job and I am delighted with the pictures.


A first for a professional camcorder is the ability to use the viewfinder when needed…let me explain.


Looks like Panasonic are stealing features from each other, my GH3 has the ability to switch from the LCD to the eyepiece via a sensor that detects your eye, that same sensor is now in the PX270 and is a joy to use. This not only saves on battery power but during a sunny shoot allows the use of the VF to check the exposure and focus.


Panasonic have really thought about this camcorder from the professional camera persons point of view, the OLED VF has all the relevant information top and bottom in black spaces while keeping the picture clear of clutter.


Another very pleasant surprise is the colour matrix has changed, no longer do we get those browny reds allowing both Sony and JVC camcorders to match. The test above taken from my 50″ Panasonic TV clearly shows the Panasonic PX270 against the Sony EX3 match almost perfectly.


The blacks are very good indeed giving you a sharp punchy picture, its all part of the 10bit 422 output allowing you a far higher definition picture way beyond 8bit 420.


The LCD is very good and well colour balanced though you will need to use the VF during sunny spells like 99% of all other camcorders.


This is a low light frame at 0dB looking over the River Clyde in Glasgow city centre taken on Saturday evening looking at the new Hydro concert hall where Justin Timberlake was performing.


This is the same picture at 100% filmed at 720p 50Mbps @ Long GOP 50…stunning to say the least


Low light performance is very good from the PX270 especially at 0dB once you start adding gain it only affects the dark areas. The picture detail via the 10bit 422 is fantastic.


The yellow church lighting does nothing for this picture but the cameras tell a different story, 15 months ago these cameras would have been Sony but during todays multi cam shoot between 3 of us there were 5 Panasonic camcorders…!



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Panasonic PX270…”Update and Comparisons”

  1. This is terrible!

    I will now be salivating over the PX 270 until I can afford to upgrade.

    The problem I have is that my AG-AC160A still is a lot smarter than I am – it continues to amaze me each time I go out with it.

    After two years and close to 400 hours on it, I still cannot find anything wrong with it.

    Clearly, the PX 270 has features and functions above and beyond but that is called progress.

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