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CN7x17 KAS S – Super 35mm sensor optics

The CN7x17 KAS S has been created for the world of TV production – a fast-paced, mobile environment that conventional Super 35mm format cine lenses were not designed for. To support operators in this field, Canon’s new cine-servo lens combines decades of experience in the design of market-leading broadcast lenses with technology derived from its high-performance cine zooms – creating a tool of unprecedented quality, versatility and usability.

With a best-in-class focal length of 17-120mm, the lens is tailor-made for camera operators in traditional broadcast environments, whilst retaining the benefits of Canon’s renowned cine lenses for movie productions, where a more fluid shooting style is required.

Large sensor cameras have rapidly become established across a wide range of production categories, from drama to documentaries and current affairs. The new cine-servo lens has been designed to respond to the evolving needs of broadcast professionals, integrating perfectly into such shooting scenarios. Offering operators the best of both worlds, it provides the functionality expected from traditional broadcast lenses whilst also capturing video of the highest quality with a distinct ‘cinematic look’. Both EF-mount (CN7x17 KAS S /E1) and industry-standard PL-mount (CN7x17 KAS S /P1) variants will be available.


Built to exacting optical standards, the cine-servo lens leverages Canon’s unparalleled expertise in lens design. It supports 4K resolution shooting, with 7x magnification throughout a hugely versatile 17-120mm zoom range and a minimum T-number of T2.95, providing the flexibility to cover an unparalleled range of shooting situations with a lens of this type.

The servo drive unit makes it ideal for use in mobile productions such as  documentaries. The drive unit is the same size as those on typical portable lenses, providing the same feel in operation, and making long shoots more comfortable. High speed zoom, iris and focusing operation allow operators to respond rapidly to changes in a scene, while low speed drive functionality offers unrivalled control over slow zooming to ensure they can achieve exactly the desired effect. Immediate start-up means shots won’t be missed in dynamic situations.

The lens is also perfectly suited to tripod-mounted use, during studio or outside broadcasts, for example. Zoom, focus and iris can all be controlled using Canon’s existing zoom and focus demands, providing precise and convenient control over vital image adjustments without the operator touching the lens. Virtual studio use is also supported thanks to a sophisticated 16-bit encoder output.

In line with Canon’s unsurpassed broadcast heritage, the new cine-servo lens is user-friendly, reliable and robust. The structural design has been developed to ensure high levels of ruggedness and reliability, even in unforgiving broadcast environments – combining the finest quality optics with a weather-and-shock-proof construction that makes it suitable for use in hostile conditions.


As part of the Cinema EOS System, the lens is equally at home on a movie set. The servo drive unit facilitates a mobile shooting style that is difficult to achieve with many existing cine lenses, and can also be removed completely to enable typical cinematic operation.  Re-installation is quick and simple, with no adjustment of gear positions required.  Canon’s renowned optical quality combines with support for standard accessories, including follow focus units and matte boxes, providing a truly versatile solution.

Compatible with a wide range of cameras, the CN7x17 KAS S also supports communication between lens and camera. The EF-mount version utilises Canon’s own system, whilst the PL-mount variant is the first in the Cinema EOS series to support Cooke’s /i Technology. 12-pin serial communication is also supported.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

3 thoughts on “Canon “C” servo zoom for C100, 300and 500 cameras (£22,500 from July)

  1. Great to see more options in user/operator friendly lenses for a large sensor camera!
    I hope at NAB there are a few more brands of these type of ENG style lenses.

  2. This is very good news for the C300 / 100 / 500 and much needed. But that price hurts…

  3. Is it compatable with the older style zoom demands with the screw fit?

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