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The specs are
– 16,05 Megapixel sensor. It’s a new sensor with semi-conductor protection tech to reduce noise and improved dynamic range.
– quad core processor and venus Engine
– ISO up to 25,600.
– 12fps, 7,5 fps with continuous focusing
– GH4 uses the new UHS I class III SD card format
– Depth From Defocusing (uses Panasonic lens database to fine tune AF!)
– AF as fast as 0.07 seconds. 49 AF points.
– 4K video at 4096×2160 pixels and max frame rate of 96fps.
– Bit rate of up to 200Mbp
– Magnesium body
– Price not unveiled yet
– There is an optional Interface Unit (see image above). Has 2 XLR, 4 SDI, micro HDMi output, color bar signal, audio reference signal, external time control

Once again this is all thanks to 4/3 Rumours you can see other pictures on their web site but the XLR unit nails it for me.

Friday will be an exiting day…the official launch of the GH4 and just look at the XLR unit ! This finally turns the DSLR into a fully working fit for purpose video tool and if my GH3 is anything to go by…pictures to die for.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “GH4 its official the XLR unit as promised

  1. The XLR unit looks a bit… “Prototype”

    I’m not sure how much difference that will make from having a decent standalone slung under, beyond avoiding having to sync audio which isn’t really too bad. Looks like it will obstruct handling a bit if it’s not in a rig…

    Maybe it’s a pic of an early version? We shall see…

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