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Adobe once again hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons many production companies have noticed that the new CC production suite does not come with Encore.

Adobe web site”With the new subscription model, Encore is no longer updated with the other Creative Cloud apps. While installing these applications, there is no option to download Encore CS6, which is the last version of this program to be available.

The CS6 applications are still available within the Creative Cloud subscription. Encore is still available for any subscribers to the Creative Cloud.

This document is to help make sure that Encore is fully installed and ready for use.

Some “bright spark” within Adobe has decided that “WE” the buying professional no longer needs this application a bit like Apple who decided we had all gone over to solid state and therefore FCPX would not have the inbuilt facility for ingesting video tape.

So we no longer make old fashioned DVDs do we…October 2013


The majority of clients, especially my educational sector are still looking for DVDs to hand out to patients, we in the up and coming “4K” industry forget that the general public are in general happy with their 500 line resolution DVD players, especially for educational purposes.

Many of my colleagues produce theatre shows for children and DVDs have always been the defacto way to produce and sell in large numbers.

Adobe have developed Encore as far as they are prepared to take it which poses an up and coming problem with those of us intending to buy the new MacPro in December, if Apple’s new Mavericks software which will be pre installed decides to cause problems with Encore…Adobe will not fix them !

Some of you may mention Toast or the fact that FCPX can make DVDs but these are very limiting in the way they perform…good enough for client viewing copies but not for major jobs with multi menus and buttons.

Once again we in the video production business will suffer because of a management decision taken by people who do not use the software to make their living.

It seems that we are all solid state and Vimeo producers these days when in the majority of cases it could not be further from truth.

Adobe has had many complaints from video professionals about this poor decision lets hope they see sense and revamp Encore to at least work for a few versions of CC rather than dump it all together.

This decision strangles people like me who use “Creative Cloud” as I cannot update to the latest software because I need the dynamic linking between Photoshop as it stands and Encore.


Talking to a colleague last evening we both agreed it may be better to buy CS6 and “freeze” the computer in that state, this will severely damage Adobe’s “Creative Cloud” longevity for video professionals who need the ability to make DVDs and could force the hand of some to seek pirate copies of CS6 which is certainly not Adobes intention.




Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

9 thoughts on “Adobe ENCORE is no longer part of CC

  1. Good post Philip. It appears that Adobe is following Apple’s business lead by dropping Encore. But the demand for DVD is still there, Although I switched to FCP X for editing, I still use the discontinued DVD Studio Pro from the Final Cut Studio 3 suite to meet clients’ delivery needs. That fact will keep my early 2009 Mac Pro under my desk for a while yet – enticing as the new Mac Pro is.

  2. Seems like a good choice to keep an older machine “frozen” in place to make DVDs or a boot drive “frozen” in place to make DVDs like we’ve done with our Mac Pros.

    Also could be a good reason to get a very cheap PC with a DVD drive just to make the DVDs since Adobe is cross platform. Windows laptops can be had for $299 or less with the DVD burner.

    One of the reasons we went with Adobe, cross platform compatibility. I’m in absolutely no hurry to get a new Mac Pro and I’m not sure I ever will except for remote use. Windows desktops can be built equal or more powerful generally for less. And they come with a keyboard and mouse.

  3. +1 on Walter’s point – I fear Audition may go the same way as Encore, without anything to really replace it. Having not made a DVD in almost three years, suddenly had a rash of them to do – proper ones needing special navigation structures and a fully branded look. Having invested in Adobe, I must admit that I’m so fed up with them and ended up back in DVD Studio Pro…

  4. Encore has for several years been part of the installation process for Premiere Pro. According to the following Adobe page, Encore CS6 is still available by installing Premiere Pro CS6, which most of us will probably keep installed for a while anyway. And Encore CS6 is the best version yet, pretty solid at last.

    I understand the challenges of change, but there is too much negativity about the Creative Cloud. So far,it has been a boon rather than a bane for us.

  5. Encore was the best afordable solution for making Blu-ray interface on a Mac. And the only way to make a DVD with a DTS surround sound (thanks to a plug-in).
    I keep my CS6 and certainly won’t buy CC.

  6. We use Encore most weeks to produce DVDs. CS5 for Windows does everything we need. Or rather, it did.

    Last week we discussed tapeless workflow plans with a US customer – all their TV content is being post produced in CC in OSX. This means we will have to be on the same platform for the work we do this side of the pond.

    I knew there was no Encore CC but “thought” we could download Encore CS6 if we subscribed. I now know this isn’t the case – thanks for highlighting it.

  7. It is not really a problem. Just keep in a safe place your copy of Pr6. There is nothing to improve in a disc authoring software from now on.

  8. Saves them money having not to provide physical products. Also, total control of your life and environment.

    Empty heads that really don’t care marching forward, marching nowhere. Education has no meaning, just sign your name and you’re succeeding.

    Happy Slaves are the grimmest enemies of freedom.

    Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

  9. These guys are totally out of touch. I need to make DVDs all the time. As an indie filmmaker, tons of festivals still require those, and since Encore has been left behind, it seems every time I open it there’s some sign in issue, or it needs a Serial Number, even though I pay for the Creative Cloud subscription and have never seen a Serial number I can use to open it. Also, as a little guy in the film industry, there is no way in hell that you will make any money streaming content. That market is set up to take advantage of bright eyed naive young filmmakers, who are happy enough to just get their work out there, and will never realistically see a dime from distributing their film digitally. A DVD or Blue-Ray on the other hand is a physical object that PEOPLE WILL PAY MONEY FOR UP FRONT. No intermediate companies, technology partners, platform fees, distributor fees. You get the money straight up. For many of us caught in the notorious glut of product that is choking the indie market right now, our only option is to take things into our own hands and sell merchandise, just like a band on tour. Adobe, I cannot believe how clueless you are about what is actually going on in the lives of your customers.

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