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A couple of you are thinking of getting the Datavision reporters kit, now I have to put my hand up and tell you that I have just done an overview of the Reporters Kit for Holdan so I am slightly biased in my opinion.


Firstly the price…£350 plus vat is unbeatable in my opinion, I first saw this kit at BVE North last year and was shocked when Allan from Holdan’s told me that the kit was retailing at only £350 plus vat, you would have paid that alone for the ABS case 5 years ago !

What about the LED lights, look at the promo video and see for yourself, they are bright enough for any interview I did and so easy and quick to setup…value for money in my opinion and looks the part.

You can order your reporters kit from H Preston Media or Production Gear.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

8 thoughts on “The Datavision Reporters Kit

  1. Thanks a lot for such a quick turnaround Phil – looks like I’ll be giving John Preston a buzz soon 🙂

  2. Available in USA? Did a quick search and could not fine it.

    HDW : The Reporters kit is exclusive to Holdan but can be purchased and sent to the US
    via H Preston Media or Production Gear.

  3. Did you test the bi-color or daylight kit? I see the bi-colors are cheaper which is unusual.
    Did you find the small size was a bit harsh as a key light compared with say a larger 1×1?

    HDW : The Reporters kit is the daylight kit with a tungsten filter on one light.

    LED lighting is a harsher type of light to start off with, using the full diffusion filter
    certainly helps but cuts down the output considerably.
    Without a filter the LG-B150 at 1m = 1100 lux
    Full diffusion filter at 1m = 420 lux
    Half diffusion filter at 1m = 900 lux
    Tungston filter at 1m = 450 lux

  4. I notice that you have been using your JVC a lot in your recent projects. Perhaps you could tell us why your not using your C300.

    Would you get a significantly better image if you used one of the 2/3″ broadcast camera that we saw in some of your footage?

    HDW : The C300 is not a camera suited to fast turnaround news, admittedly better end result but the JVC HM650 pulls in a mean picture.
    As to the 2/3″ cameras you would expect a slightly better picture but it’s more down to comfort zone and robustness, the TV
    boys have always used shoulder mounted camcorders and having a modular design like removable lens gives you far greater
    shooting options.

  5. Having seen the earlier quick review I bought the bi colour kit from Prestons. I would highly recommend this kit. Just been using it in set up with other lights, and was really impressed with results. A great little kit to have and a boon for air travel when you just need a small lighting kit to go.
    Many thanks for the heads up on this one.

  6. How long to the the lights last on the supplied batteries or are there no batteries supplied, the image show there seems to be some.

    HDW : Have not done this yet but I will do when I get home.

  7. Oh, dear.. another product to salivate over.

    The difference between the single on-camera light and a 3-light setup is dramatic.

    I don’t think I will be able to sleep nights until I order one of these kits.

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