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Sony announced today the appointment of Katsunori Yamanouchi as Vice President of its Professional Solutions Europe (PSE) business. He replaces Naomi Climer, who after 6 years leading the PSE business, has been promoted to a new global post within the Sony group. Based at the Sony Pictures studio lot in L.A., Climer will lead the development of a new global business focussed on the provision of media cloud services.

Yamanouchi joined Sony’s Professional Solutions Group in 1989 and has gained extensive international management experience through roles in the European, US and Asia-Pacific regions. From 2003-09 he successfully lead Sony’s professional business in the CIS, MEA and German-speaking territories. In 2009, he returned to his native Japan, heading up Planning & Marketing Dept., Content Creation Solutions Division, a role in which he took global responsibility for the core product and solutions developments underpinning Sony’s leadership in the professional Broadcast and Media industries.

Katsunori Yamanouchi said today: “I’m delighted to be joining the European team and building upon the business success achieved by Naomi and the PSE team. I know the passion and dedication of our European team to understanding our customers and responding with innovative technology and services. I strongly believe we can look forward to continuing growth in our European B2B business, both in our core established markets and also new segments including cinema, video security and sports.”

Naomi Climer said today: “Leading PSE has been both a privilege and an exciting adventure. In my 6 years with PSE, we’ve seen numerous waves of technology advances – HD, 3D and 4K to name just a few – providing our professional customers with the tools and inspiration to amaze consumers everywhere.

“I’m delighted to take up a new global challenge within the Sony group and also very confident to be handing over to Katsunori Yamanouchi who has the people, talent and experience to continue driving Sony’s professional business expansion in Europe.”

HDW : Lets hope Mr Yamanouchi can keep Sony focussed on new products not only fit for purpose but stop the rot in Sony’s recent cast of camcorders like the PMW-100 and the NX30, camcorders that were never produced with the professional in mind yet made the grade. Please stop this nonsense of upgrading domestic cameras to so called professional status…as professionals WE DON’T NEED OR WANT THEM !

Lets have a new line of cameras with the following features…

1. Minimum 1/2″ Exmor CMOS chip sets.

2. More professional lenses on the hand held camcorder with constant aperture and 2x optical converters.

3. Remember the second most important part of a camera is it’s ability to be focused by the user, better higher res viewfinders, especially on handheld camcorders.

4. Media that is priced with archive in mind, Sony can’t expect cameramen/women to purchase SxS cards at £400 a pop for 1 hours footage for archive, Sony still don’t get the importance of archive yet Canon uses CF cards on the C300, cheap enough for archive.

5. Minimum 50Mbps on any camcorder from hear on in.

6. Any reason why we can’t have CBR at 35Mbps ?

7. All camcorders should be able to shoot 1080 50p like the FS700 and NX70.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “New boss at the helm of Sony Professional Europe

  1. I would add the PMW-200 to the list of cameras lacking proper features. Particularly the lack of compatible OEM batteries, LCD that interferes with the hot shoe, Shotgun mounts that stick way up and the lack of the EX1R’s improved rotating handgrip.

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