0% Interest on the new Sony PMW-200 at H Preston Media

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Why not give John or Andy a phone and reserve your new Sony PMW-200 at 0% interest for twelve months…


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  1. Nick Williams says:

    Are you tempted by this camera Philip? We own both the XF305 and XF105 which work great together. I see that you also recently got a XF305. The sensors in the PMW200 will be great but it’s the cost of SxS that gets to me. Also shame Sony couldn’t have come out with this a year ago!

  2. Ed Dooley says:

    I first read that as 0% interest *in* the PMW-200 at Preston. 🙂

  3. Gerald Prost says:

    Of course I’m interested in this camera. I am very much interested in buying two. I’m looking at March of 2013 for a purchase date but I am keen to see other reviews and I need to see a Canadian price. Gerry

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