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This is the screen on my iPad from the Canon C300 Wi-Fi remote via the WFT-E6. Thanks to Canon UK I have a loan of a Wi-Fi dongle to test for all you C300 users.

The thing I love about the software is the ability to change any of the settings using the iPads touch screen, all the useful parts of the C300 at your finger tips, its like having a remote CCU (Camera control unit).

Remember this dongle is primarily used with the likes of the new Canon 1Dx DSLR and the focus function seen above does not work with the C300…OR DOES IT !

Just had an email from Nick Milne of Canon who tells me if I have an EF lens switched to AF the “FOCUS” actually works…just put this to the test and amazing you get the ability to focus the lens.

Now with the slight delay in picture focusing becomes a lottery but if you add an external monitor feed from the HD SDI or hook a Zacuto EVF onto the HDMI you get a lag free picture.

This feature could be very useful in a hazardous environment or for wildlife filming.

Further to my on going review Canon tell me that the dongle is capable of producing its own WI-Fi hotspot so this feature will work even in the desert !…fantastic. Once Canon relay that information I will show you how to setup a Wi-Fi hotspot via the C300 and post it on

UPDATE : You seemingly make an adhoc connection which is fine but after a lot of time spent this evening I did not manage to make the C300 talk to my iPad 2 so I will contact Canon tomorrow and get a template for the Wi-Fi hotspot connection and pass it on.

Further update : The chap from Canon won’t be back till Wednesday.

Last update : The WFT E6 went on the blink, remember it was a pre production model, I was hoping to show you how to make an adhoc connection and play with Metadata input but that will have to wait.

Downside is the slight delay in picture reaching the iPad it updates about 1fps, Tudor has asked if this could be used as a directors hand held remote monitor, yes if he or she is only using it for composition, shot length etc. Lip sync or moving shots…no ! I will ask Canon if the lag can be improved upon.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

9 thoughts on “Testing the Canon WFT-E6 Wi-Fi dongle with the C300 (Updated)

  1. When you say slight delay could this set up be used as the directors hand held remote monitor?

  2. Am I understanding correctly that the display from the camera only updates at 1 frame per second? That seems nearly useless for me for monitoring. Only use is for setting up a rather static shot. Kinda makes me wonder if it’s worth $500 now.

  3. is it really on sale? cause in its website says it “has not been authorized by the Federal Communications Commission-US”, and it “may not be for sale or realease until it does”.
    Do you realle own one? how did you get it?
    Thanks for the info

  4. Hi Monica, this was a sample Canon UK let me have but sadly it went on the blink but they assure me I will get another to test as soon as one arrives in the UK.

  5. I don’t see it as a monitoring tool rather a neat way of getting round gain, white balance, speed and f stops a wire free CCU.

  6. Any more news on the ad hoc hotspot connection.
    We just got our wft dongle for our c300. Would be awesome if we can use it with no wireless router.
    Please please please post any updates you have.

  7. Just got mine, very expensive device which comes with instructions step by step for a camera which has nothing to do with the C300!. After 3 hours trying to set it up I gave up… frustrating, i hope Canon will give the proper support as there is nothing on the net about setting it up . Nor my Galaxy tab, computer or I-phone could recognise or see the device. Not a cool tool

  8. Oooh, I am very interested in creating an ad hoc connection with my iPad2 and my 1DX with the wft-e6a! If you get more information on how to do this it would be great. I have found that although the wft-e6a transmission to my laptop via the EOS Utility is slower than through the Ethernet connection it is not that much slower transmitting small JPGs to the laptop. Not having a cable for clients to trip over during a session is great. If the performance of the iPad to the 1DX is close it would be even better!

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