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This is not only an iconic building but sadly the last time you will see BVE presented from here as the London planners have given permission to demolish it for prime housing stock.

Here is the new £1400 EcoFlood RL576 from RotoLight this gives off 1000 watts of light but only uses 38 watts due to the high efficiency LED panel. This light can give you accurate lighting using “Magic Eye” technology to accurately measure colour temperature and through Wi-Fi transmits colour settings from your iPhone/iPad to the light itself.

H Preston Media 

This is a new “Tilta” DSLR/cinematic camcorder rig from H Preston Media and is being adapted to work with the Canon C300, the price will be around £2000 which includes the sexy carbon fibre matte box.

Its standard practice to include the master of Sony Vegas editing Zulqar Cheema who this year is in a Sherlock Holmes pose.

This is the new Manfrotto 502 tripod head and legs, once again utilising the Bridge Technology and the new red vari friction panning section. The list price is £429 plus vat, street price will be cheaper.

Finally one of the most influential men in the broadcast retail side of our business Mr Phil Baxter the MD of CVP. Phil and I go back a long way when I bought my very 1st NLE called Digisuite which used Speed Razor to cut on the timeline. It was around the year 1999 and cost a mere £12,000.

So there you have it that was BVE 2012 a very busy show and some major wheeling and dealing going on, the Canon C300 was the Super 35mm camera of the show and talking of such I have some cracking footage from various Canon lenses from the 8mm fisheye to the 400mm super telephoto lens for my C300 review.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “BVE Day Two

  1. One of the things I noticed about the show was the lack of 3D yes it was there when you looked, but not the over the top everywhere of last year’s show. Is 3D dead already?

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