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Yesterday I took a jaunt down to Malvern to H Preston Media a company I do consultancy work for, to see the new Canon C300 Super 35mm camera.

The pictures onto a Panasonic 65″ plasma TV were stunning, especially the macro shots of Andy Guests watch, I also tried out my Novoflex EOS to Nikon adapter which works a treat on the C300.

The adapter works really well on the C300 with the blue lever adjusting the iris itself, its a very smooth action but the fly in the ointment is the removal of the adapter itself from the lens you have to figure out how to do it as there is no clear instructions showing you what to do and its a tad fiddley to say the least.

John was pleased with the turn out and said “We have a healthy list of clients interested in the new Canon C300, the 50MB/s and Canon’s EF mount is capturing everyone imagination”.

The Canon reps were on hand to show clients every last detail with a lot of interest in the menu structure, Andrew Woodfin, Pro Video Account manager was on hand along with Nick Millen and Sundeep Sohal.

Peter Novell from the Vitec Group was also on hand with Manfrotto tripods and a GenusTec rig for one of Johns customers

I had a play with the new Canon EOS-1D X, it feels like a million dollars and that 12fps shutter is awesome.

One of Johns lady customers looking for various add ons for her Panasonic AF101, we tried Panasonics 25mm f1.4 lens though I have to say the Nokton f0.95 is still the best shallow depth of field lens next only to the Canon f1.2 lens.

It was a long drive down from Glasgow over two days but as usual Mrs Preston, John and the two Andy’s are so welcoming and my favourite member of the Preston team is Bella.

Many of you may not be aware that H Preston Media has a large shop on the main Worcester Road in Malvern and its an Aladdin’s cave for everyone who loves to see cameras both new and secondhand, tripods, lenses, camera bags and the small items that you won’t see anywhere else cables, adapters, filters, video lights and glossy brochures, thats my pet hate when you go into so called camera stores these days is the total lack of glossy brochures.

Remember John was the first shop in the UK to offer trade-ins against professional video equipment and is still the fairest second hand pro video dealer today in my opinion.

Why not give John a phone on 01684 575486 or look at the web store at


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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