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This new filter could breath new life into those tired shots that you never dare shoot with a DSLR like hair, netting, bricks and many more because as soon as you pan or tilt you get moire patterning or aliasing, both can lead to a good shot being wasted, until now.

Dr Davik Cubanski from Pennsylvania in the USA has developed a new filter that guarentees a 75% reduction in moire and aliasing when using his filter. The filter will cost $385 which is a snip if your a professional film maker using Canon 5DMk11 DSLRs for commercial filming work.

The three downsides to using this filter is a slight loss of light about one third of a stop, your focus plane is shifted slightly so you can not use the numbers on the lens but as most people don’t use them anyway it won’t be a major problem and lastly you are restricted to using 24mm lens at its widest which for some people may just be too restricting.

The unit slips into the front of the camera with the mirror in the up position, personally I would have 2 cameras, one for video only work and one for photography, this is why Canon have never addressed this issue as a permanent solution as this filter would start to compromise the main intention of the camera and photography is a DSLRs number one priority.

Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter for the Canon 5Dmk2 from Glenn Przyborski on Vimeo.


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