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I only came in on this at 2am this morning so forgive me if my spelling is a bit out of sync. Mr Ally McCoist has jumped in with two feet over a BBC Scotland report last Friday.

Anyone who edits like myself would appreciate the problem the BBC editor had with this press conference at Ibrox, Ally McCoist who has spent more than enough time on television does not seem to appreciate the problems with “JUMP CUTS”. In my opinion the editor simply saw the closer cutaway shot as a good match as his mouth position was very similar coming out of the shot. The editor was unaware of the slight smirk on McCoists face pertaining to the question being asked.

Only last year I was in that same press room filming and editing Rangers v Manchester United and the pressure you are under is enormous, you are asked to film all the questions so its very difficult to get cutaways for the editor unless you are me, filming and editing makes my job a whole lot easier.

I am no fan of the BBC but for once I can see a genuine edit to save a jump cut (two similar shots) that has been taken out of context. I really think Mr McCoist should have asked one of his media friends about this before attacking the BBC and a simple explanation would have averted him looking a tad stupid.


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