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Lets start with this wee switch…zoom, focus and iris, by setting this switch to iris you get full step less manual control of the iris, fantastic. The manual focus is useful but I cannot see much use for the manual zoom setting.

The main menu gives you 6 options, Shooting Mode, this gives you the options for movie (normal mode), slow record (slow motion very impressive), golf shot (little to no use) and photo mode (12MP) very good. The next ikon we see is Camera/Audio this is self explanatory allowing you to change all the manual parameters like gain, shutter etc. plus sound tweaks. The next screen called Rec/Media set is where we find the ability to format your card, change from internal 96GB to external SDHC card. You also change your rec mode here from HD to SD or from 1080 50i to 1080 50p.

TC/UB is timecode and user bit tweaking. Edit/Copy gives you the option to delete, protect,copy and direct copy. Lastly Setup allows you to change things like your HDMI output from 1080p to 720p or 1080i and even SD a very useful feature.

At the back of the camera we have the mode switch allowing you to switch from video to photo, then we have the Auto/Manual switch and beside that we have the SD card slot which has a lock, very useful. I have also discovered that the camcorder is not as clever as we all first thought, sadly, it does not record video onto SD and internal memory at the same time which is a blow for us safety conscious solid state junkies. It will allow you to record at a lower 1080 50i setting onto the SDHC card and let you use the photo feature simultaneously recording the 12MP JPEGs onto the internal memory.

At the LCD side of the camcorder we have a sliding door and inside you can have various size batteries the biggest being the NP-FV100 6.8v 3900 mAh infoLithium battery capable of running the NX70 for well over 8 hours !

Just above the power switch is your headphone socket and note the green button a lock which needs to be pushed in order for it to be switched on or off.

Unfortunately Mr Attkins Sony did not grant you your wish and give you a through lens instead we have a Sony G lens 10x that looses 1.5 stops of light from wide to tight, there is also a digital 120x zoom but as usual a gimmick rather than a practicable addition ton the feature set.

The rocker switch is not what it first seems…a variable zoom control…no you only achieve smooth zoom control using an external zoom handle like the Manfrotto 521i, the good side to this is that Sony have decided to bring back the Lanc control 2.5mm mini jack accessed under a flap on the hand grip.

XLRs and full manual control of your sound levels plus VU metering on the LCD itself…yee ha…interestingly Sony have put a sticker on the top of this telling us that this part of the camcorder is not water or dust proof.

Today (Thursday) I will be using the NX70 in anger, very much a run and gun situation, I am recording 1080 50p and will blog about it later on this evening.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Sony’s NX70 has arrived

  1. The lack of dual record on a pro grade camera is a bit mystifying and rather a disappointment. At least the internal memory is likely to be high grade and slightly lower risk.

    The lack of a proper zoom rocker again is annoying, I’m a fan of the slow creep in which most consumer grade kit can’t do well.

    I’d viewed this as a compact/practical NX5 but maybe there are too many elements of the consumer heritage showing in the NX70.

    Looking forward to your thoughts of how it all hangs together in practise as after all that’s what matters in the end.

  2. I’m curious how low profile it looks with the XLR handle and hood removed. Can you get a photo of it ‘naked’?

  3. Hi there. Looking forward to your thoughts and updates on this camera. It’s arriving here in New Zealand at the end of the month and I want to use it to replace my Sony FX7 for run/gun weddings – teamed with the NX5’s next-gen model (hopefully which comes soon with 50p as well)

  4. I have now had the camcorder for a week. Its fantastic but the following limitations are obvious
    – Dual record to Internal and CF would be very useful for some comfort (hoping sony can address this with a firmware update)
    – Fixed aperture lens from wide to tele would be good
    – An external gain switch
    – USB 3 for faster transfer from internal. Takes 1 hour + to empty 96GB

  5. I just sold my Z5E, now I need a new camcorder but don’t know what to do. Sony is going for sure releasing a new 1080/50p camcorder like the NX5E at IBC 2011, but I need a camera now!! My indecision goes between this two, NX5E and NX70E, what to do?

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