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I was far too tired at 3.40am this morning to make the connection but looking at the NEW GUI on FCP-10 it’s a go faster version of iMovie for iPad 2 with similar features. OK so it’s only $300 and it has support for automatic image stabilisation on import, audio clean-up, non-destructive color balance, shot detection and face detection (iMovie). For the DSLR boys it also includes a rolling shutter fix and the much needed background rendering.

Lets also remember this will probably need “Lion” to work with now here is a major dilemma…I you are like me you are running FCP-7 on Snow Leopard, going from past experience nothing will work properly if you install Lion or at least for 6-8 weeks, also, whats the point of installing FCP-10 as a stand alone programme when you do not have the STUDIO to be able to do anything with your footage…this is very badly thought out by Apple !

Remembering we always got a STUDIO for our money, so where is the updated 64bit…MOTION, DVD STUDIO PRO and COMPRESSOR , Soundtrack and Color are included with FCP-10.

From what I hear from the SuperMeet floor there was no mention of anything else but FCP-X and while we are here what the hell are Apple playing at calling it FCP-X is X the Roman numeral for 10…UPDATE : Seemingly one of the Apple presenters called it FCP-10 so what happened to 8 and 9 ?

In the cold light of day my first feelings are rather cold towards the new GUI as it is very domestic looking but maybe when I see it in action I will change my mind, does it have a scrolling timeline as seen on the iPad2 ?

The iPad 2 iMovie version only edits what you film from the iPad 2 inbuilt camera which is a shame, I hope Apple open up this APP to allow AVCHD footage. I find the editing part quite fiddly and is very much like the GUI on the new FCP-10

I might have been more convinced by this new updated 64bit FCP-10 if Apple had even mentioned, Motion and DVD Studio but saying nothing convinces me that Apple have a second agenda especially with DVD Studio Pro which they don’t want to share with us at the moment. Apple have a large thorn in their side over the use of Blu-ray and I think that thorn has just got a lot bigger.

Here is a list of the new JAW DROPPING features in FCP-10

  • The name is Final Cut Pro X (10)
  • 64 bit
  • Unlimited menory
  • Uses Open CLI and Grand Central Dispatch
  • Color fully managed with ColorSync
  • Resolution independent playback system up to 4K
  • Mix & match all content in timeline without transcoding
  • No rendering, it does it in the background using every available CPU cycle
  • Can plug into cameras and edit whilst ingesting
  • Non destructive color balance on ingest
  • Stabilisation on ingest
  • Audio cleanup on ingest
  • People and shot detection
  • Range based keywording – metadata attached to part of a clip
  • Smart collections – like smart folders
  • Clip connections, primary and secondary media locking together
  • Magnetic timeline -moves audio out of the way to avoid collisions.
  • Single keystroke nesting
  • Compound clips – collapse clips into a single clip
  • Inline precision editor – simplifies trimming of clips
  • Auditioning – sampling of different versions of edits
  • ‘Skimming’ media previews when you move the cursor over
  • iMovie like filmstrip view
  • Timeline Index- an index of all the clips in the timeline
  • Sync clips with Plural Eyes style featue (Not Plural Eyes)
  • Automatic control of number of tracks – add and go when needed
  • Pitch corrected audio skimming
  • Waveforms show levels in realtime
  • Retiming in the timeline
  • One click to match color between clips
  • New advanced color correction
  • Improved keyframing, bezier paths and curve display in the timeline
  • Color & Soundtrack now in FCP 10
  • Ships in June $299 on the App Store



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Final Cut Pro-10 (X) “Jaw Dropping…not yet”

  1. ok so they skipped 2 versions. There are bigger mysteries right?. Besides it’s a big upgrade. I will probably not buy it until Lion as well.

  2. Philip, you need to watch the demo (it should still be up at Vimeo)

    It may make you feel better about the functionality of the UI and the program itself.

    It’s definitely not iMovie scaled up (but yes, the UI is related to iMovie.)

    It’s 64-bit, supports all sorts -and mixed- formats without having to convert, and they said will run in Snow Leopard (Lion NOT required.)

    Lots of questions – including what happens to the other apps – remain, though it seems they both added many features from Soundtrack into Final Cut and are also hinting “we are only talking about Final Cut today” which suggests the other apps aren’t necessarily dead. It may be that they don’t change as much as Final Cut.

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