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I had two reasons to go to BVE in London one to work and one to get myself a new tripod. I looked at most of the affordable tripods at the show but I was looking for something a wee bit better as I felt that some of my productions lacked a less than lustre pan and tilt.

I have been a Manfrotto fan for many a year and the 504HD was certainly the best head they have produced for a long time but the 504HD is not a true fluid head and the legs are not the best. I had a Vinten a few years ago but stupidly sold it to my good friend Alister. The Manfrotto gives you a set of heads that are interchangeable so if you are doing a 2 camera shoot you only have one quick release plate to worry about.

Anyway that aside I was now in the market for a new tripod and the one that took my fancy was the Miller Compass 25 a brand new model into the UK and was on show at BVE for the first time.

The single item that nailed the tripod sale for me was the addition of an accessory mounting bloc, free to everyone who buys this tripod during March 2011…fantastic, now I have a place to mount my Cineroid EVF.

My trip to BVE was a great success and with the delivery of my new Miller Compass 25 tripod today, icing on the cake, your second most important purchase beyond the camera itself is a tripod and I am glad to be investing in a family business like Miller just as good if not better than it’s German equivalent.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “New Miller Compass 25 Tripod with accessory bloc (March promotion)

  1. Thanks for the article. I am currently considering the Compass 25 or the Arrow 40. The accessory block sounds very helpful – must be great being able to tilt while the monitor stays still.

    I would argue that the most important purchase beyond the camera would be the lens.

    And while Miller was indeed a family business, I believe it is now owned by the same conglomerate that owns pretty much all tripod makers.

    May I also ask which legs you chose?

  2. As far as I am aware Miller are still independent…I chose the carbon fibre legs, try to get along to BVE next week and have a play with one.

    Here is a copy of my order…

     Compass 25 Fluid Head (1038)
     Sprinter II 2 Stage CF Tripod (1576)
     Sprinter II/HD Mid Level Spreader (993)
     Pan Handle with Handle Carrier (694)
     Sprinter II (HD Tripod rubber feet (475)
     Softcase (872)

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