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People are still confused as to what type of lenses fit the Panasonic AF101 and I have also gone through this self same process…if you read some of Panasonic’s information on this camera you are led to believe you are dealing with a Four Thirds when in fact we have a Four Third type MOS sensor.

What’s happening is that people are seeing the Four Thirds from the sensor itself and assuming the camcorder takes Four Third lenses. Panasonic have their own way of describing the lens mount…

In order to offer the ability to change lenses, the Micro Four-thirds mount, jointly developed by Panasonic and Olympus has been adopted in the AG-AF101. The mounts designed to cover a 4/3 type sensor are Four-thirds (FTS) and Micro Four-thirds (mFTS). In order to achieve a compact camera body and be able to accept the greatest range of lenses, the AG-AF101 uses the Micro Four-thirds mount. The electronic signals are identical between the two mounts, so with the suitable Panasonic adaptor, the auto focus and auto iris functions on Four-thirds lenses can be used with the AG-AF101.

The Flange back distance of mFTS is extremely short at approximately 20mm, meaning that nearly every lens, including those designed for 35mm still cameras can be used with an adaptor.

So there you have it if you want a lens that will fit straight onto your AF101 then it needs to be a micro Four Third lens. Tomorrow we will look at the choice of micro Four Thirds lenses.


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