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When you are looking for video equipment who do you call…the boys at H Preston Media, John and the boys were at ProVideo 2010 day one wheeling and dealing from 9 till 5pm.

There were bargains to be had from dead cat microphone wind muffs to 500W “V” lock LED lights for £330. Canon are here with DSLRs, Canon glass and XF305 4:2:2 50Mbs camcorder which produces very punchy sexy pictures. Canon have agreed to send me a model for review and I look forward to looking over the camcorder soon.

3D was very apparent and a frenzy of IOV members were very excited by the 3D wedding footage I shot last weekend with the Panasonic SDT750. The SDT750 is selling for £1299 including vat. Most people are very surprised at the quality of the 3D footage viewed on a new Panasonic 65″ plasma 3D TV.

The SDT750 is a domestic product in fact it’s two cameras in one package with the conversion lens (CL) attached it’s a 3D camcorder and take off the CL and you have a very capable top end domestic HD camcorder that can produce the worlds first 1080 50p pictures which are stunning.

If you are wondering what’s the difference between the Pro and domestic models it’s almost down to the front ends, the AG 3DA1 can change it’s focal length ie. zoom and the SDT750 is set on a wide shot with it’s zoom disabled.

The ProVideo show was reasonably busy for a first day though there is a strange stand that has one person handing out brochures claiming “we ship worldwide” well in my opinion it’s a sad day when the best you can do is hand out brochures when people like Preston’s and CVP have sales teams selling to customers on the shop floor and giving that all important personal touch.

Good to see Sony Professional out in force and Holdan representing Panasonic, Hague camera supports were swamped with customers looking at everything from stabilizers to full blown professional Jibs.

Manfrotto were showing off their HD504 tripod reviewed by HD Warrior, “one of the best heads to come out of Manfrotto for years”. AKM music were busy with customers listening intently to the latest copyright free music and Hireacamera were new to me, they hire HDV, AVCHD and XDCAM EX camcorders for delivery nationwide and they deliver your camcorder the day before and day after your hire.

More about ProVideo 2010 tomorrow.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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