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This video demonstrates the new Sony NEX-VG10 in action. These shots of Bali are filmed with the new camera, which is the worlds first interchangeable lens consumer HD camcorder. Find out more about it on our blog:

As you can see “Pretty Pictures” can be produced by all sorts of cameras albeit an HDSLR or as in this case a FilmLike camcorder. Personally I find the quality of these pictures as good as anything produced by an HDSLR.

Remembering this is number one…domestic… FilmLike camcorder… even so it’s full feature set stands a mile above any HDSLR and you can convert it for 24p if that’s your bag or in most cases your beef. Like the Canon 5D2 it may also benefit by having a firmware upgrade to 24p, who knows.

Things are really buzzing thanks to Sony and Panasonic addressing the issues of shallow depth of field camcorders. In 15 days time Panasonic are going to announce the prices for the AF100 professional FilmLike camcorder and Sony are going to show off a version 2 of their camcorder with possibly prices and dates.

I find it hilarious when I get emails from disgruntled HDSLR users when their anger should be addressed at Canon or Nikon for not fixing the inherent problems that make these cameras less than favourable with professionals in fact let me quote one of the top men in the HDSLR field, Philip Bloom “Now we also know these cameras have some massive limitations. Sound recording in cameras sucks more than Telly Savalas sucked on his lolly. Moire and aliasing give me night sweats. Rolling shutter makes me nauseous. Crappy HDMI connections have driven me to hard drugs (joking!). H264 will make me go postal one day!! There are more issues but no point going over all of them, we know them, we live with them, we work around them. That is life. Always has been and always will be.” (Extracted from The future of video DSLRs by Philip Bloom)

I think the future is bright for those of us who wish to produce FilmLike (FL) video footage there is such a choice though my money is on the FL camcorder, lots of budgets from students to production houses, though I do think the 35mm adapters are on a shaky nail.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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