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Why oh why do people like Apple bother to add HD recording to the iPhone 4 when it’s clearly unusable. I had my iPhone 4 with me today and recorded some fun at my niece’s house… got back to base and loaded the one minute of footage onto my iMac. I was horrified to say the least to discover how wobbly the footage was.

I looked back at non HD iPhone 3Gs footage I recorded last year in Italy and it’s night and day. It’s obvious that the 720P enlargement has also magnified the rolling shutter and general jello effect making 80% of anything I would have considered filming…even for fun unusable.

Apple Wobble Vision would be a better name for it…I do not understand how this got passed Apples quality control but then for a £600 handset to suffer aerial problems at this late stage maybe Apple are not as careful as they once were…and that’s a shame !

Don’t waist your time using the iPhone 4 for HD filming…If you want a real tip for filming fun HD footage get yourself a Sony DSC-HX-5V costing under £300… do all your HD filming on this camera and it’s AVCHD…No Jello, slight rolling shutter, half the price of an iPhone 4…look at my mini review under VIDEO REVIEWS…OK it’s not a phone but it’s 20x better at producing HD footage and it fits in your pocket.

Anyway just because I can’t get good pictures out of my iPhone 4… I received this link from Arran Eye about a Vimeo member called Michael Koerbel, this is his iPhone4 movie…

“Apple of My Eye” – an iPhone 4 film – UPDATE: Behind the scenes footage included from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo.


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  1. While not disputing your findings (and sharing your disappointment in the iPhone4), this link shows just what is possible…

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