2 day’s delay on the Sony PMW-350K Video Overview

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Sorry I totally forgot I was having the family to my place for my fathers birthday which is why the Video Overview of the Sony PMW-350 will be two day’s late !

Sorry but the “Overview” took a lot longer than I anticipated but I promise it will be uploaded by Wednesday morning UK time. Better get the popcorn it’s 21mins long…an epic !

It’s now chuntering through Compressor as I write !

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First independent overview of the Sony PMW-350K…Monday 18th Jan 2010

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This has been a busy week but to my surprise I received a Sony PMW-350K on Thursday morning from H Preston Media to do an overview for them. I have postponed the Sony EX-1R till the following week to give the 350 priority.

What a camcorder, wait till you see it perform against the EX-3…and I have conclusive evidence wether it supports the MxM SDHC adaptor or not you will have to wait till Monday evening.

Appart from our good friend Alister Chapman this will be the first independent video overview of the new Sony PMW-350K…HD Warrior first as usual.

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Shot on a RED ONE by Greg Williams

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Megan Fox by Greg Williams for Esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

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Canon miss a great opportunity to compete with RED

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This is rumoured to be the 2010 1/3″ solid state AVCHD camcorder by Canon Pro Video, the Sony NX5 is very similar in spec and looks to the new Canon and sadly for Canon the Sony is already available !

This is a major disappointment for everyone who thought Canon was building a film like large 35mm sensor camcorder to compete with RED, personally I think Canon have lost the plot after 17 months with no new model to bring out a hand held solid state camcorder that there is little to no market for.

The camcorder above looks like the bad marriage of a domestic camera (back) rammed into a XH-A1 20x fluorite lens (front). If this is Canon’s solid state offering for 2010 don’t bother leaving the factory.

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Canon 5D2 used to film Video Overview of Sony EX-1R

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[xr_video id=”44961b9b84a94c118542e570b586e1ce” size=”md”]

In reference to an article I wrote a few days ago you can find it here…


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Scarlet seen for the first time as CES 2010

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“We just got a terrific surprise at the Engadget CES trailer: Ted Schilowitz from RED popped in with a RED Scarlet and the Bomb EVF for a quick hands-on! Our video producer Chad Mumm basically attacked him, as did the rest of the crew — pretty much everyone surrounded him as he pulled the Scarlet out of its pack. Chad actually shot video and did a little interview — we’ll get that up ASAP, but check out the pics in the gallery below.”


HDW. So there it is for all you doubting Tom’s a Scarlet in the flesh hot off the drawing board…will it be enough to stem the major haemorrhage of digital still motion cameras being lost to Canon, time will tell.

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Sony EX-Internal corrosion problems from Alister Chapman

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I have been hearing quite a few stories of cameras that are getting severe internal corrosion damage. It appears at first glance that perhaps newer, file based cameras are less well built than older tape cameras, but there is more to this than meets the eye.  I have heard several stories of EX’s and PDW’s that have required expensive repairs due to corrosion. I’ve also found similar stories with other manufacturers solid state cameras. So what’s going on? These are worrying stories especially considering what I do with my cameras, so I have looked into the problem in some depth and found a couple of things.

In all the cases I have heard about, the cameras have been stored after the shoot in Pelicases. Pelicases are excellent at keeping moisture out, but also at  keeping it in and this may be preventing the cameras from drying out. This is not a criticism of the cases, they are excellent and I have several. It is the way they are being used which is at fault. A camera with condensation on the inside will not dry out in a sealed Pelicase, giving the moisture time to do it’s evil work. Prevention is better than cure, so the best thing to do is to never put a cold or damp camera in a Pelicase.  The other thing to do is is to keep large packs of silica gel in the pelicase. The silica gel should be re-charged regularly by baking in an oven. Storing cameras in Pelicases long term is not always wise. I store my cameras in soft bags and this may be why I have not had any problems despite the harsh hurricane and extreme weather environments I work in.

Perhaps just as importantly, there is I think, also another factor at play here. With a tape camcorder if there is condensation inside the camera you get a “dew” warning. As well as preventing recording it also tells you that you have moisture inside the camera. At this point most people will do something to dry the camera out, it also makes you take more care in the first place as you don’t want a dew warning to prevent you from shooting. So I think that camera manufacturers should re-instate “dew” sensors on cameras. It could prevent a lot of unseen damage, perhaps it would just be a warning to tell you about the moisture but not prevent the camera from being operated.

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SONY EX-1R Video Overview recorded on Canon 5D2

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I have found the very use for my Canon 5D2… filming product shots for my Video Overviews. I needed to shoot some product shots for my blog but did not have a true macro lens. While I was through in Edinburgh I popped into Jacobs photographic in Haymarket to discover they had a wonderful range of Canon lenses.

I already had my eye on the 50mm f2.5 compact macro lens which is one of Canons older specialised prime lenses. The picture quality is stunning. Arriving back at base I suddenly had a great idea, with such a Shallow Depth of Field (SDoF) this would be perfect for filming product shots of the new Sony EX-1R I had on loan from Preston Media.

I hope to get all the filming finished tomorrow but from what I have seen so far the product shots are stunning and all thanks to the Canon 5D2 so maybe that will kill off any ideas that I am anti-VSLR…I only needed the right vehicle to make it happen. I will post the Video Overview sometime this week.

This might just be the first HD video product overview ever to be shot on a VSLR !

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SDXC 2TB cards will seal the demise of videotape

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The next-generation SDXC (eXtended Capacity) memory card specification has been announced at CES and promises to further seal the demise of videotape as the preferred storage medium for consumer and professional video acquisition as media card capacities rise and prices drop.

The new SDXC specification provides up to 2TB (2 terabytes) storage capacity and accelerates SD interface read/write speeds to 104MB/s (megabytes per second) this year, with a road map to ultimately deliver 300MB/s.

The SDXC specification, developed by the SD Association leapfrogs memory card interface speeds while retaining the world-leading SD interface.

SDXC is also the first memory card specification to provide 2TB storage without hindering the high-speed performance necessary for high-end photography and HD video recording.

The SDXC specification uses Microsoft’s exFAT file system to support its large capacity and interoperability in a broad range of PCs, consumer electronics and mobile phones. The exFAT system was designed for increased compatibility with flash media, from portability of data to interoperability with multiple platforms and devices on removable media.

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The future of 3D

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My good friend Alister Chapman is a pioneer in 3D video productions but as far as I can make out a lot of work goes into making it all happen. Sony and Panasonic have chased us for over 2 years convincing us to go down the HD route now I see similar tactics with 3D television.

This is about the 3rd time round for 3D we have been promised this technology for years I remember seeing it demonstrated on “Tomorrows World” an early version of the “Gadget Show”. My second encounter with 3D was in the 1st Star Wars movie where Princess leia pops out of C3P0  in the middle of the Millenium Falcon.

3D wont take off till we get over the need for glasses, I and I am not alone would not sit watching my TV using polarised or otherwise glasses every night.

I can take 3D in small doses but until we get the real maCoy sitting in the middle of my living room that I can walk round and I don’t look like Joe 90…forget it.

Panasonic are brave introducing a $21,000 3D camcorder in this climate, I only wish the camcorder did not look so semi professional, plasticky with a dual lens stuck on the front. No doubt Sony, JVC, Canon and RED are working on their versions of 3D in fact RED have shown a version of their 3D camera already.

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