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4 thoughts on “Canon 5D2 used to film Video Overview of Sony EX-1R

  1. Isn’t the shallow depth of field in the closeness of product shots more bad than good? I mean you need to stop down to f8 to get a range of a few centimeters in focus. You need more light and if you’re very close even a tiny chip camcorder wide open has some shallow depth of field. Don’t get me wrong I have a 5D Mark II but in practise I have to stop it down quite a bit since I find the style in the following clip (although I like it) is not useful for product shots. http://www

  2. I am using it to hone in on single features and at other times as a montage to music (Moving shots). It will all become clear in the final EX-1R review.

  3. Hi – Unless I missed a update along the way – you can’t edit Ex1 footage directly into FCP either – you have to transfer footage to a hard-drive, then use XDCAM transfer software to export your footage as .mov files to import into FCP …. so that’s two places of storage required. With 5d is it not a similar process but if use Neoscene software you also export as 10bit 4.2.2 and down convert to 24p all in one process .. again requiring two stages of storage …. please correct me if wrong :o)


  4. Sorry I did not make this one clear…I usually ingest via an AJA i/o HD, I play in the EX footage as Pro Rez straight into FCP. You can’t do the same with the Canon footage as it needs to be converted.

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