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“What I really want to comment on though is not the Epic-X but the announcement that they’re continuing work on the 2/3″ Scarlet. In this new era of small cameras with big sensors, I simply do not understand the interest in this product. True it’s going to do A LOT more than a Canon 5D/7D or even your typical video camera at that price point but what are you going to put on it? A Fujinon ENG Zoom? Any regular 35mm format lens is going to crop x2.5 so even a very wide 18mm will become moderately telephoto. I’m super enthused about this big sensor revolution we’re living in and if someone can give me a reason to get excited by a 2/3″ RED camera, I’d love to hear it.”

Ben Cain…HD Cinema

Ben you are correct while I was taken by the sexy pictures coming out of RED HQ I was forgetting the practical side of using prime lenses on all this equipment but I think RED are banking on this so you will be forced to buy their prime lenses…at a price.

You may be able to afford the price for a basic “Scarlet” but don’t expect to add to it unless you have some deep pockets or maybe you want to shoot wildlife and the 2.5x crop will be more than suitable for your needs. PS. Lets hope RED unlike the video manufacturers give us a decent WA like an equivalent to a 24mm as part of their 8x standard lens.


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