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So how did I come to that decision after all I have not even seen the camcorder !  I take Alister Chapmans word as gospel on this camcorder, although Alister is a Sony man his reputation as a Director of Photography (DoP) is on the line with this camcorder. Alister reckons the PMW-350 is a lot quieter than the EX-3 which up till now was the GOLD standard HD camcorder that all other camcorders in that price bracket were judged by.

2/3″ chipset is mindblowing, this camera take my word for it will be taken on by broadcast companies who are using the EX-3 at the moment with 2/3″ lens adaptors.

As I have said before and will say again Sony are trailblazers when it comes to video gear, their commitment to giving you the best quality at the cost of higher spec camcorders in their range is unsurpassed and that’s why I give the Sony PMW-350 the HD Warrior Camcorder announcement of 2009 award.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “HD Warrior Camcorder announcement of 2009 … Sony PMW-350K

  1. I agree that this seems to be the camera that many people were expecting from Sony – and didn’t you get close with your prediction! but it’s hardly in the same price bracket as the EX3 if it’s going to be hitting the street at £14k is it?
    Surely this is simply Sony’s answer to the Panny HPX500 P2 camera – and firmly killing off the HPX 301 with its small (but perfectly formed) 1/3 inch chips in the process (nearer in price point and form factor), while underlining their commitment to solid-state “pro” (as opposed to “prosumer” ) camcorders? I for one still anticipate an enhanced EX3 – perhaps with the Exmor “R” chipset aimed at the sub £10k market to be announced…

  2. The major disappointment for me was the introduction of the EX-1R and the “R” not standing for Exmor R chipset. I can’t quite get my head round a company who on the one hand bring out the fabulous 350 admittedly at a price and the other hand a revamp of an older camcorder… EX-1… instead of updating the obvious … EX-3 which was an update to the EX-1 !!!
    I go back a long way in video and remember JVC bringing out a pro SVHS recorder called the 910 it was riddled with audio faults then 6 months later bringing out the 911, same machine with no audio faults !
    I was furious at the time and put me off buying JVC equipment.
    Sony are a smart bunch, they know what professional video producers want and the 2/3″ chipset on the 350 is spot on, unfortunately we the end user suffer for that choice of chipset as Sony are clearly steering towards the broadcast & rental marketplace with the 350. Alister Chapman is on record as saying the 350 is as good as the 700 and in some respects better.
    Lets not kid ourselves Panasonic cocked up big time using 1/3″ chips in the 301 it was a non starter from that major design flaw. I predict a retaliation from Panasonic with a 303 1/2″ or 2/3″ camcorder around the £10K mark.

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