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Some poor wee Japanese person is going to get his or her marching orders after releasing the new Sony PMW-F5/55 by mistake. Although the press release does have yesterdays date on it I spoke to Sony at BVE on Tuesday and these figures were not going to be announced till the end of November.

The F5 is about what I was expecting as is the F55, though your going to need a ton of work to justify the cost of the 55 remembering all the extras your going to need to make it happen…plus some decent glass !

So what camera are you going to choose…the cheaper F5 is a massive £10K cheaper but the F55 has that all important global shutter which makes it far more useful for moving shots….

Sony “The traditional CMOS image sensor uses a ‘rolling’ shutter that can result in images with unwanted distortions like motion skew and flash banding. That can be annoying, especially when shooting visual effects or 3D. Anything but typical, the F55 incorporates electronic global shutter. Rolling shutter distortions aren’t minimised, they’re completely eliminated.”

The other big difference is that the F55 internal recording formats are HD, 2K, 4K while the F5 is HD and 2K only so the F55 is far more versatile and future proof.

Pricing sourced from XDCAM USER.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Japan release the PMW-F5/55 pricing by mistake !

  1. I wouldn’t call it “by mistake” when the source of the information is an official Sony press release with the date of yesterday. So it obviously was intended for publishing now.

  2. The release was in Japanese to coincide with interbee that just started I would guess.. mistake or mis judged idea that only Japanese would look at the release.. ?

  3. These prices are not leaked they are either MSPR#s so should be 15% cheaper(good) or simply to gauge public reaction before they announce a inflated price and get cussed(hopefully). So now can we start talking prices down in future not up thanks Mr HD

    Also congrats to the lucky 25 customers who got in on the creative ventures 19k euro deal i was too slow

  4. I’m looking forward to the first pictures of the new camera. I’m thinking about selling my PMW-F3 and buy a new camera.


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