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The new Sony EX-1R


Remember the EX-1R does not have an interchangeable lens.

Strangely we seem to be getting a revamp of the EX-1 rather than the EX-5. Specs are rumoured to be…

SD recording

HDMI output

A new viewfinder

Cache recording

One push mode for slow and quick recording like the EX3

Quicker start up, better ergonomics.

SD will supposedly be .AVI files

Possibly record’s 4:3

Camera holding improvement

One push mode change for S&Q

Quicker Start Switches

Jog Dial improvements and firmware version up by users

NB. Will the new EX-1R allow the MxR adapters this would be a serious blow if Sony have been stupid enough to exclude this archive “feature”.

I still don’t understand Sony’s logic in naming this camcorder the EX-1R, if it is better than the EX-3 and by all accounts it should be streets ahead then are we for the 1st time in history going to see EX-3s being sold for EX-1Rs. Where does this leave the EX-3 you aren’t going to seriously tell me we are going to see an EX-3R. As we all know the EX-1 & 3 are the same camcorder with some enhancements on the EX-3 so to call a further enhanced EX1/3 an EX-1R is silly and very confusing.

I do realise that I may have played a part in this by predicting the EX-5 with this chipset back in July and further back on the 1st of April announcing the EX-7 so maybe I stole Sony’s numbers !

Philip Bloom was the 1st blog to mention the EX-1R.

Sony will be announcing the full specs on Tuesday 20th October 2009


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “The New Sony EX-1R

  1. I have to say, we have pulled our EX3 back out of the cupboard lately and it still has impressive image quality compared to current cameras

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