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AJA io ExpressFCP 7.0.x – Io Express Driver version 1.0 (Leopard and Snow Leopard OSX compatible version).

I had to download the manual in order to find out if the Io Express has FCP-7 & Snow Leopard compatible drivers…not having this information on the AJA website is a serious omission in my opinion and tells me why we are still waiting for drivers for the £2500 AJA io HD. This is in direct competition with the Matrox MX02 and surprise, surprise, it also has a PCIe card interface…this is my one big beef with the io HD as it uses the FireWire 800 port which in my opinion was a major mistake.

7-8 weeks after Final Cut Pro-7 we are still no further forward with new drivers for the io HD…simply in my opinion it has been put on the back burner getting kit ready for IBC in Amsterdam… which is shocking for a top end piece of video equipment at this price point.

AJA are too embarrassed to tell the world that their io Express is FCP-7 and Snow Leopard compatible when they know hundreds of video professionals all over the globe have been waiting for the new io HD drivers…it’s a disgrace.

Maybe someone from AJA will read this and kick some ass and get the drivers uploaded or explain what the problem is and how much longer we are going to have to wait.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “AJA Io Express now shipping with FCP-7 & Snow Leopard drivers £897

  1. damn straight!!!
    how can such a wealthy company fall so far behind?
    also, fw 800 was a big mistake.. i have been thru hell for it and recommend people go blackmagic all the way
    good post


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