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Me & Lorraine

Paul & John8.15am Driving through Glasgow heading for Scottish Television, the day started with a good cloud base, this was handy as we were shooting out of a window overlooking some of the city’s landmarks.

8.50am We are now setting up each to his own discipline, Paul the Director gives John (Cameraman) some last minute ideas about how he wants the inserts to look. John has been a freelance cameraman for a few years now and used to work as a lighting cameraman for Scottish Television before being given the golden handshake by the company. This is a move that has enhanced his career and taken him all over the world. Today he is using his trusted DigiBeta camcorder.

Our shoot today brought many disciplines together, sound (George), lighting spark (Willie), Autocue (Philip), make up artist (did not catch the ladys name) and Lorraine Kelly (Presenter).

10am Lorraine arrives and is taken to make up, we are almost ready to roll, the track, which is a Wally Dolly is set up, HMI lighting is in place and the director Paul discusses some tracking moves with cameraman John.

radio mic10.30am Lorraine gets her radio mic “pulled through” which causes some laughter, George uses an “Audio” radio mic but tells me that it will become redundant next year. If you have a UHF Wireless Microphone licence or have had frequencies licensed in channel 69 in the past two years you will already have received a letter from Ofcom regarding the proposed changes for PMSE. The letter informs licensees of Ofcom’s proposal to include channel 69 within the Digital Dividend which will be auctioned for new uses in 2010.  It also details their proposal to replace 69 with channel 38 by the end of 2012. Ch 69 is to be bought over and run by a mobile phone company.

So if you have a radio mic system you could find it is useless at some point late summer 2010.

DigiBeta V211am The first piece to camera (PTC) is in the can and we all move to a new position, this goes on for the rest of the day till we film the last PTC is finished.

Lorraine was great to work with she is as friendly and bubbly as you see on GMTV, the programme we were working on goes out in August 2009 on Scottish Television called Scotlands DNA Secrets which is made by SMG Productions, part of STV, DNA Stories sets out to help people find answers to unresolved family issues. If selected, STV will come to film you in the comfort of your own home where the DNA sample will also be taken. When the test is complete, Lorraine will where possible bring family members together, in private, to reveal what could be life-changing results.

Lorraine last shot
Lorraine says: “DNA testing is an intriguing subject and I’m very excited about filming another series of DNA Stories. I have no doubt the second series will be as successful as the first.“


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “Behind the scenes of “Scotlands DNA Secrets”

  1. I watched this programme for the first time tonight (27th Aug.)
    Although I enjoyed parts of it there was far too much repitition. The whole programme could have been completed in half the time and I became increasingly annoyed by Lorraine
    Kelly saying “How ‘ya feelin”!

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