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Panasonic’s new Gold series Class 10 cards inherit the attributes of the current Panasonic Class 6 line with enhanced speed performance of up to 22MB/s. With Class 10, you’ll also get the ability to write large amounts of data continuously until the card is full without missing any shots or writing stops.

The rating promises a minimum of 10MB per second and is better tailored to high-end compact cameras, entry digital SLRs or HD camcorders where baseline speed is essential: a stills camera with 3MB shots can capture 3 frames per second without the SDHC card becoming the bottleneck. It also peaks at 22MB per second and is about 40 percent faster than a Class 4 (4MB per second) card in sustained transfers of large files.

The new speed specification is designed to meet the requirement for higher resolution consecutive shooting and large-sized HD video shooting but they can also be used in your netbook. Just about every netbook is now capable of handling SDHC cards allowing you to expand the netbook’s hard drive capabilities above and beyond 32GB.

Panasonic are leading the way with their Class 10 SDHC cards, dont be left in the dark, enjoy the speed and consecutive shooting capabilities today!


– Class 10 Rating
– 10MBPS Baseline Speed
– Speed Peaks at 22MBPS
– Write large amounts of data continuously, without missing any shots or writing any stops.
– Designed for DSLR’s, HD Large Imaging Cameras and Netbooks
– 40% faster than Class 4

32GB = £200    16GB = £70    8GB = £35    4GB = £18


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