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This is the film clip from the upcoming and in production documentary ‘Windows and Corridors’.
Kiaren Grae is awaiting an urgent liver transplant that could happen any day. He is very ill…..and very brave. It was at his urging that I decided to do this documentary. I am his Dad. He wants to raise the awareness of everyone to the idea of organ donor registration. I think this music clip could do the job very well. Please pass it on to everyone you can and help Kiaren achieve his idea. If you are interested in the subject then we hope you will talk with your families about it.

I just know I love this young man and his equally extraordinary brother Daniel who wrote and sang this incredible song. Thanks to you too Travis [guitar] and of course the ever present and fantabulous Mr Donny Gall on drums. The band is called ‘Mondays Not Home’ [check myspace]. What a fantastic recording session….both my sons together for the VERY FIRST TIME in their lives. Extraordinary energy.
The electric rhythm and lead guitars are by my great friend Mike Foster of Avalanche [USA] The bass guitar is played by a great lady player called Stephanie Krowka

All camera work is by me using the JVC GZ-HD7 using all the manual functions. The lighting is [fluorescent] ambient light in all the hospital footage. Some indoor shots are lit with my small light kit, others are natural window light.I edited on Sony Vegas Pro 8 with the Sony colour correction plug-in. I wish I could afford Magic Bullet Looks as I think it would have helped the footage considerably. Maybe I will rework the correction later on. Viewer thoughts on this clip would be most helpful as I am a real beginner in both the editing role and camera operation.
Please leave your thoughts, it is an important thing for Kiaren to be able to read your letters of support.

David Pendragon, Australia
David is just like me and you a dad and a film maker, we all share the same passion but in David’s case he has a very ill son who needs an urgent liver transplant. My involvement is to highlight his plight and hope someone sees his well produced documentary and can help in some way. As a father of a child with type 1 diabetes I have some idea what he is going through.

Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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