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SmartSound’s new Final Cut Pro Plug-In receives rave reviews from Final Cut Pro
expert Larry Jordan and attendees at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas. 


Mark It, Score It, Send It – Instant Music, No Hassle
See your markers in Sonicfire Pro

SmartSound provides Final Cut Pro users with thousands of music selections that can be automatically edited to fit any length of media and dropped into your Final Cut Pro timeline in THREE simple and easy steps.

Step 1. Mark It – Using our new Final Cut Pro Plug-In, Sonicfire Pro 5 automatically reads your Final Cut Pro markers and in/out points and calculates the exact amount of music needed to compliment your visual media.

Step 2. Score It – Quickly search through thousands of tracks using keywords, categories, Sensory Searching (“More Like This, Faster, Slower, More Intense, Less Intense”), or our Tap Tempo feature, which searches using the tempo created by clicking your mouse. Once you find the music track you like, Sonicfire Pro automatically scores it to fit within your Final Cut Pro markers, while preserving the orginal beginning and ending of each music track so your SmartSound selections sound like they were uniquely composed for your project.

Sonicfire Create Soundtracks at Any Length you need Step 3. Send It – Once you have customized your music track in Sonicfire Pro, simply click the “Send To” button and your music selection is added directly to your Final Cut Pro project. 
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Roundtrip Editing that Works!

We know projects can evolve over time. That is why Sonicfire Pro 5 offers advanced editing and fine-tuning controls that allow you to reopen your SmartSound music directly from your Final Cut Pro timeline for quick and easy edits, from readjusting the lenght of the music track to adding a cymbal crash for an added effect.

Simply select “Open in Editor” when clicking on any SmartSound music track in your Final Cut Pro project and you’ll find yourself editing the music directly in Sonicfire Pro 5. 

Use the Open In Editor command to edit music in Sonicfire Pro
Sonicfire Pro 5 even remembers your Final Cut Pro scoring markers, so you can get the music edits right on your first try. 

SmartSound Music with markers and Mood Mapping
SmartSound gives you even more control by allowing you to access individual instruments and preset mixes with Mood Mapping®, move beats with Timing Control, and more.

Send To Final Cut Pro is Fast After customizing the soundtrack in Sonicfire Pro, just use the “Send To Final Cut Pro”option and your changes will automatically appear in your Final Cut Pro timeline.

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