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Can I start by putting my hand up to owning two of these cards, two express readers and two Transend 16G SDHC cards (Class 6).  The MxM expresscard/34 will record at 1920 x 1080 mb/s HQ in the same way as your SxS Pro memory card will record. This is the most popular format the majority of video operators will record at. By utilizing a combination of MxM expresscard/34 and a reasonably priced SDHC memory card, film makers and videographers on location can now shoot for days, without the unnecessary and costly need of extra equipment to safeguard their footage to eg laptops or pcs. They can offload at their convenience at a later stage and reduce interruptions during the filming process.mxm-card

Why should I use a MxM card instead of Sony SxS card? 

The biggest consideration to use the MxM cards is the price. To be able to record using a modestly priced adapter, onto commodity priced SDHC cards has dropped the cost per hour of footage to between 1/6th and 1/8th of SxS. This has led producers to be able to complete shoots without the need to offload to Laptop. Some producers are completing several days of shooting and downloading when they return to the studio. Others are handing over the SDHC cards at the end of the shoot, in the same way they did with tape.

Which firmware should I have to use MxM cards? 
An MxM card will only work with firmware 1.11_0531 and 1.12 on EX1/EX3. All cameras produced post August 2008 come with this update. If your camera does not have this update you will have to go back to Sony to have the firmware updated. There are links on the internet which show you how to update manually, but we highly recommend you use a Sony repair centre to complete it.

mxm-card-holderThe company in Australia also now produce very low cost card storage solutions you can buy plastic box holders to keep the dust out and is a pleasant change from the Sony blue box.

So what does it all cost ?

$19 for postage, $45 for 1 MxM card and an orange box (Note. Australian dollars) Around £75 including 16G SDHC card.

The alternative ?

Sony 16G card with blue box CVP price £516.35 (See link)

UK distributer of MxM express cards

H Preston Media have these cards in stock for £50 (See link)


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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