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If you are fed up with the video look and want to turn your hand to filming a true cinema look then Red Digital Cinema is the place for you. In the early ’90s, Oakley founder Jim Jannard was searching for an architect like no other, a like mind with the vision to create structures that would match the unconventional and innovative spirit of Oakley.

Oakley brought the unthinkable to sun wear and goggles…if you want the best, you pay a dear price for it and it worked, he built up an empire designing the best eye-ware  in the world and a few years ago decided to get into making video film cameras with a difference…modular, add what you need and chip sets to set the heather alight. 

Nothing but nothing can touch the design, passion for detail and delivery from design to end product than Jim Jannard and his team.

I myself am not into the film look but for all the money people spend on trying to get a cinema feel… the main thing being depth of field, they should look no further than RED. The new baby of them all is Scarlet this 2/3″ Myrserium-X chipset camera with 8x fixed zoom will set you back £2846 now that even surprised me, that’s no dearer than your average Sony semi pro camcorder and you get a 2/3″ chipset and a camera that looks straight out of Dr Who. The example shown bottom right is a Scarlet configuration of some kind but I have a feeling it wont be £2846 worth. The dearest Scarlet I can find is £7500 this comes with a 35mm Full Frame Mysterium Monstro chipset now this is for “brain” only you also need to add a lens which could set you back £3-10K depending on the spec. Knowing the Red team you will no doubt be able get a Nikon or Canon adapter.



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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