Sony announce the new FS7 firmware V3

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FS7 v3

Finally we are getting the 2K center scan function which crops a 2K image out of the middle of the sensor’s 4K frame doubling your lenses focal length without losing any stops of light or image quality when shooting in HD.

The 2K centre scan is like having a 2x extender as you will see no degradation in picture quality when you punch into the 2x mode. You still have far more scope filming in 4K as you can punch into the picture on an HD timeline but the 4K option gives you the added option to reframe after the event.

PXW-FS7 Firmware V3.0  (Upgrade is free of charge and available during 2015)

New Features & Improvements:

● Support for adjusting the Focus Magnification area position
● Support for “2K Full, “2K Center” setting in Imager Scan Mode
● Support for Interval Recording function
● Support for Noise Suppression setting in Cine EI mode
● Expand lowest value of Zebra level to 0%


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