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I am so impressed I needed to blog about mMorph CUT from Motion VFX but don’t just take my word for it, watch the video…

Premiere Pro boasts a similar in-house plugin called Morph Cut, but about 2 weeks ago I tried it in desperation. I had an edit that had little to no cutaways and Premieres plugin was very disappointing.

A morph cut is a plugin that disguises a jump cut making the interview look as if the person was word perfect with one take.

Today Motion VFX have brought out a plugin called mMorph CUT which actually works a dream within FCPX but it must be 10.2.2 or better. If you order it today from Motion VFX you also get 20% discount by adding October into the discount field.

Having had a play with it today you can extend the time it takes by stretching it along the timeline which is some cases can give a more natural looking transition.

Get your copy here

Here is the material I was editing 2 weeks ago without and with mMorph CUT


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

8 thoughts on “mMorph CUT from Motion VFX for FCPX ($59)

  1. about m Morph cut

    Thats quite a smooth difference with the interview and if one hadn’t seen the first clip you would not know its been polished up.

  2. Editing Technology

    Its just getting better and better for modern film making in post production quite exciting times with the stuff these whizz kids are coming up with.

    I’m just getting into film making and using FCPX is a dream to use with Pro Res 422 etc.

  3. Am I missing something here? This looks awful. I’m all for advancement in video editing but this is poor, unless your going for that comical twitchy feel. Its a Amateur 99p phone app at best.

    HDW : You need to visit specsavers

  4. Frank Renda,
    Are you kidding?LOL Dude you’re misjudging by it looks but you haven’t try the demo yet or purchased the plugin and you think the mMorphCut functionality in FCPX is poor.If our you, don’t pre-judge by the book its cover, you don’t know what’s in it. Try the product first before you made a comment like that! TROLL

  5. Jack,

    I think TROLL is a tad harsh. This effect in the content it can be and how it was used in the demo was disturbing for me. To make any interviewee seem to have a twitch by using a product for ease/time etc. is fundamentally lazy, at worst insulting and takes away from the focal point of any piece. In my opinion, and I stress it’s only an opinion, these types of tools are a product for the masses, not for a serious editor who would find a more natural way of finding a solution. In basic terms, its effect looks very odd. In saying that, I do agree with your premise I should fully use the product first before being overly critical. It’s a fair point so on that note and with my Specsavers appointment next week, I revise my original post…. £2.99 ipad app at best.

    Best wishes

  6. I use Premiere CC and they recently introduced a very similar effect. You can very clearly see the join, and while it does somewhat smooth it over, better than a dissolve, I only ever use it if I have no cutaways whatsoever. I also find that staying on the interview for too long can get tedious anyway. So in my opinion, it’s a solution when there aren’t any others and should be used sparingly.

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