BVE 2015 Day TWO


Could not resist this headline, CVP have enlisted the services of Percy S Diaz a fantastic ice sculptor who hand carved this wonderful ice sculpture of the Sony FS7.


While visiting CVP I managed to bump into Badger the roving reporter who knows his fstops from his frame rates. Badger was producing a show special with intern Alex using a Sony PMW-200.


Rob Tarrant from Panasonic was on hand to give us the update on the VariCam HS 4K camcorder.


Finally we get to see the Panasonic VariCam with a 4K Super 35mm sensor and a Fujinon lens to die for.


Filming Tim at Rycote, showing us the new Cyclone that is the result of more than a decade of continuous development.


Next up was a trip back to Sony to ask the price of the PXW-X70 4K upgrade, now the upgrade is free but you need to buy a licence to enable 4K 25p on your camera. The tentative price is around 485 euros.

We have a JVC lens cloth up for grabs, how many LEDs make up this screen and its over 100,000.


Spencer from Lite Panels was on hand to show me their new panel light which is extremely powerful and retails about the £900 mark.


Adobe had a very impressive 3.9mm LED wall from CUE AV Ltd. This is the future of large panel presentations. Contact Max at


Photon Beard and yes I did ask but its only a coincidence he has a beard, have produced this very sexy red head.


Photon Beard say they took a long time to enter the LED market because they believed that a lot of the LED lights did not offer good enough light quality. They spent a lot of time perfecting their LEDs and the result is the PhotonBeam 80 LED. Based on remote phosphor technology the new fixture offers a near full spectrum and a high CRI light output. Interestingly from the outside it looks like an old school redhead – they have adapted their PhotonBeam Redhead casing to offer an LED solution. Consuming just 80W it provides similar output to a 300W openface Redhead. The unit can be powered from mains or 11-17 Volt DC. The PhotonBeam 80 can operate on standard V or Gold mount camera batteries with an additional battery plate that connects to the unit.

So that it from BVE 2015 I will produce a best of show tomorrow and some thoughts on the various bits of kit at the show.


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