JVC GY-HM850 Video Review Part ONE

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The JVC GY-HM850 Video Review Part ONE runs 10.32mins and goes through basic menus like card formatting and choosing the best quality 1080 50p. We follow the Ayr United media crew and a sequence cut to music to show you the cameras capabilities and the fantastic crisp noiseless pictures.

In Part TWO I will cover Network… streaming and WiFi, how to perform a back focus adjustment using the new AF lens and low light footage along with some other codec choices like AVCHD.


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  1. Boney N says:

    High quality, solid and workmanlike piece of kit for those who want 1080/50p

    Not for web though ? After watching the streaming 4K (2160p) YouTube videos starting to appear
    (e.g. GH4 and Sony Handycam FDR-AX1 demos) to me 1080p footage is starting to look very ‘old school’.

    A bit like going back to a burger after gourmet steak.

  2. Alen Watts says:

    Good review.

    Just curious what do you use to do the graphics at the start?

  3. Rob Stowell says:

    I’m struggling with manual focus on an HM850 – it seems to be all over the place. I’ve re-set the back-focus a few times … so hoping you demonstrate this soon 🙂 Also tried another lens, which also gave some poor results. It all looks ok in darker pics, but when the lens (either of them) is stopped down, instead of bounteous depth of field: ouch – very soft. I thought it might be a filter issue, but rather infuriatingly, the pics on full auto look ok.

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