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My older son Paul has started this initiative if you buy one pair of underpants he gives an extra pair to a homeless charity called Crisis.

As you can imagine homeless charities do not accept second hand underwear for hygiene reasons and is the most sought after garment of clothing.

Crisis is very pleased with Pauls initiative and hopes he sells lots of pairs as underwear is badly needed. He will be producing ladies underwear in the not to distant future.

Paul…”Our mission since day one has been to help those experiencing homelessness. Underwear is one of the most requested items from homeless shelters. That’s why for every pair you purchase , we will donate a second pair on your behalf. We thought this was a pretty good idea. Turns out a lot of other people do to thanks to supporters like you.”

My first image when Paul told me that pants were made from bamboo

These are no ordinary underpants because they are made of bamboo, Smarty Pants are the ethical choice for underwear. Bamboo is far more environmentally friendly than cotton from the way it is grown to the process of cultivation. SmartyPants are made from a 100% Bamboo fibres which is the most sustainable material available aligning with organisations values. 

I wore my own pair yesterday and they were like silk, the first pair of underpants that were not bought from M&S.

As a cameraman my under garments are important to me ie they have to be comfortable. Why not give a homeless person a pair of these pants for the cost of a tenner.

They also come in a smart simple wee box

Simple look at the right side of HD Warrior and click onto my link for YouTube channel, on the channel click subscribe then send me an email to (Subject = Smarty Pants) with your name and address and underpants size XL, L, M, or S and you will receive a pair of pants (worth £9.99 remember this also buys a second pair for a homeless person) in the post. First come first serve (10 only).


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