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As I write this article not only are Panasonic announcing the Panasonic GH5 II they also announce the GH6.

Note : One upside is the GH5 II has a full size HDMI socket

Why would any company announce a better model coming out in 2021 and bring out a slightly upgraded model in the same year…!

My thoughts are that Panasonic are in panic mode after the uptake of the full frame S5. Many of us had decided the micro four thirds models had come to the end of the line and bought into the full frame S5.

I am not sure the GH5 II will have the same uptake due to lack of any significant new features and lets be honest most of us were waiting for the GH6.

The GH6 looks like it will not be the camera we had hoped for not having a 6K chipset but rather a new 5.7K 10bit 50p (24MP) sensor instead.

With specs of 4K 10bit 120 FPS with sound is a rather tasty addition. The Panasonic GH6 will be priced about $2500.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “What are Panasonic playing at ?

  1. Regarding GH5II vs GH6, perhaps Panasonic is aware of price sensitivity in that market range.. Perhaps $1700 vs $2700 may be a factor.
    I doubt Panasonic would pursue a GH6 if the S5 and S1H met the needs and budget of current GH5 users. It’s possible that the GH6 may end up being closer to an MFT version of the S1H.

    Even with the growth of full-frame cameras perhaps they’re aware that there’s still significant interest in MFT for those where smaller (and less expensive) lenses might have value.

    We are in an era where some camera manufactures have multiple similar cameras for different niches such as the Sony A7Siii vs the FX3.

  2. GH5 & the GH5s are a hard act to follow, I think an upgraded Mk2 GH5 is well due and anyone out shopping for GH5 type camera today has the new upgraded option to consider. So whats wrong with that?
    For those of us that don’t have the need to take photos and want the DSLR MFT sized video acquisition tool then GH5s is there or the soon to arrive GH6.
    Personally I prefer the MFT system due to its advantages over full frame, and yes, depth of field video acquisition is bottom of my shooting list so FF is not a relevant option for me to consider in my line of paid work. Other factors are which the MFT system generally covers, However I do appreciate the artistic/creative aspect that shooting in FF offers when looked at from the depth of field perspective.
    The MFT system may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but neither is full frame. its whats the right tool and system for your job that’s important.
    Not too long ago we where all bowing down to the great Sony EX3 and half inch sensor.
    and Philip Bloom was mesmerizing all of us with his pioneering DSLR experience, today we have kit light years ahead of that and I applaud Panasonic for continuing in there MFT road map.

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