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The first niggle is the way Panasonic have “redesigned” the way this camera opens the card door with a new lock lever. Its very unintuitive in its action and can be a pain to get your cards in and out compared to a GH5.

Panasonic “Regarding your point around the lock lever on the card door, this was redesigned further to feedback received on the G Series that over time the card door opened too easily and therefore could be opened by accident, exposing the cards. So, it was part of the improvements incorporated into S Series to ensure the camera was as durable as possible for the professional audience.”

I am using FW version 1.0 so far I am vey unhappy with the autofocus in a so called professional flagship camera. There were times during my photo shoot with Grace that I had to switch to manual to get focus as the lens 24-105 f4 S lens would not focus on my subject.

This is very serious in my opinion as it took many firmwares to get the GH5 to autofocus with more accuracy. You would think Panasonic would get this right out of the box as so much is riding on it.

Panasonic “The autofocus should certainly not have the issues you describe where it is unable to focus on a subject – especially portraiture style photography which is one of the strong focuses for the S Series cameras.

Once again Panasonic screw up with useless information when I look online at their “REGISTER NOW” to allow me to register the camera the link comes to an abrupt end, the very same thing happened with the GH5 initially.

I never understand how companies never check this information. PS I have since discovered its

Thanks for bringing the broken link to my attention. I personally wasn’t aware of this and agree with you that it is disappointing that it wasn’t checked before going live – most likely issues coordinating sites globally unfortunately! I’ve raised this as a priority internally and have been assured it has been picked up with our developers.

Video record file formats are also restricting in the S1 with a choice of AVCHD giving you full frame recording at 28Mbps HD only or MP4 restricting you to APS-C in 4K 50p or full frame at 4K 25p. In APS-C you don’t get a full frame 24mm picture as it punches in on the frame.

Richard Payne “It’s processing power I am afraid, you have to spend mega bucks on an Alexa or a Venice to get full frame 4K 50p at the moment.

Using the DMW-XLR1unit allows you to have various qualities like 96kHz/24bit, 48kHz/24bit or 48kHz/16bit on the GH5 but sadly on the S1 its on or off. (The Panasonic manual has it set at 48kHz/16bit).

Panasonic “The S1 is limited in terms of audio recording with the XLR1 at this time, but I will keep you updated if I am informed that this will be improved in the future.”

With some added softness from Luminar

As a photographic tool the Panasonic S1 produces great pictures out of the camera as for a video tool I am still assessing.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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