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Nikon entering the frame with the Z7 has opened the race for full frame mirrorless video cameras, fortunately Nikon produce a lot of full frame F mount lenses with an adapter. The new camera uses a new Z mount which I assume is more dedicated electronic lens. The two points I don’t like about the Z7 is the use of expensive XQD cards and it only films up to 4K 30p and not 4K 50p as seen on the Panasonic GH5.

Panasonic are seemingly intending to sport a full frame GH5 type camera at Photokina later this month but not with a Leica SL mount I am glad to report.

Panasonic don’t produce full frame (FF) lenses, yet, but assuming they do go down this road I predict you will see at least 3 new FF Panasonic lenses at the time of launch.

The EVA large sensor camcorder uses the Canon mount but I think this would be hard for Panasonic to swallow to give Canon an open lens market again.

I do hope we are finally going to see some decent servo zoom glass for mirrorless cameras as this has been badly neglected in recent years.

Canon are also producing the full frame EOS R camera with what looks like a small touch bar (zoom control) on the back full details on the 5th of September.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “The race for Full Frame is ON

  1. Also, we haven’t heard from Olympus yet, and they are supposed to have a big announcement in January 2019.

  2. The new Z mount is needed because of physics. The rear of the lens needs to be closer to the sensor if they are to take advantage of the more compact form leaving the mirror out can give, so the projected circle to the rear needs to be wider over the shorter distance.

    The adaptor for F mount is mostly a spacer to hold the older lenses out to where they would have been on a mirror box body to correctly illuminate the sensor.

    I’ve no doubt Nikon have also taken the advantage of thinking how best to take advantage of a new mount, but the reason they’ve had to change is there is not much point producing a mirrorless camera and still building it around the geometary of the mirror!

    The price is umm… an issue.

    Hope you are keeping well!

  3. For shooting film I would guess the Z6 would be a better choise then the 7 as the 6 does use the whole sensor while the Z7 does line skipping.

    But who knows what future firmware might enables.
    Others have been able to put in optimisations and enabling new features, better specs and higher bitrates.

    I’d rather see XQD/CFe like Nikon does it then single or double SDs.

  4. I dont understand why some people consider Nikon for video work. Nikon always aims the still photo market. For video you have the other brands.

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